Fish – Tips to own the biggest fish school

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Like TOP of the best IO games, in Fish, the player’s task is to go around the map, collect different fish species and create the largest school of fish. To do this, players need to apply buffs and upgrades, and improve their skills in different modes such as survival, multiplayer, etc. In this article, let’s learn the essential tips. know when playing Fish to own the largest fish school and master the majestic ocean.

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Buy and merge fish

To scale up and level up quickly, the player must buy a lot of fish by clicking the middle button, with the coin icon, at the bottom of the screen.

As you buy more and more fish and merge them, you will also unlock new fish types and skins to use in the game. Choosing a skin has no impact on the game, but if you unlock other types of fish, the income will also increase every second and the price of the fish will increase as you level up.

Therefore gamers must get the fish that bring a lot of coins, or else will have difficulty in some levels. Finally, make sure to fill all the blanks with fish for extra earnings per second.

Fish’s ability upgrade

Upgrading fish plays an important role in Fish because when leveling up your fish, players also need to have a good amount of abilities to compete with stronger opponents. As in matches against higher level enemies, gamers need to acquire better skills such as more attraction, strength, increased income,…

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These will allow to win the matches effectively. Everyone should prioritize upgrading in the following order to achieve the highest efficiency:

  • Accelerator
  • Magnet
  • Shield
  • Production
  • Eggs
  • Sale
  • Economics
  • Hourglass

Put the fish in the corner and destroy them all

Try to kill every fish that is lower level than yourself but don’t fall prey to the higher level fish. The other fish will also try to hunt just like everyone else, so be careful and make sure to corner the fish on a different level first and then kill them all.

Watch ads and collect daily rewards

Gamers can collect daily items and lots of other rewards like gems and coins by watching a short 30 second video in the game. New fish are also possible by watching ads and via an option that appears occasionally – treasure chests appear in bubbles randomly.

If you click on it and watch a 30 second ad, everyone will get free fish, which can be used to merge and unlock new fish. Players should do this as much as possible if they want to unlock better fish in the future.

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