Final Fantasy 16 tips for beginners

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Final Fantasy XVI stars Clive, a young knight with a complicated past. The game opens with a war scene that will soon erupt into a battle between the two Eikon, starting the Summon version of this game. In the chaos between Shiva and Titan, Clive nearly died, sending him back to his original misery.

What did Clive go through as a teenager to become the man he is in Final Fantasy 16? There are a lot of storylines to play with, so let’s learn some Final Fantasy 16 tips that will help gamers as they explore this fascinating story.

Auto attack

There are 2 difficulties in the game, which is surprising considering the history of the series. Furthermore, the player can equip an accessory that will automatically attack the nearest enemy with the best skills available.

All the player has to do is press the square button and Clive will come to town. So besides switching modes, don’t forget this auto-attack option via The Ring of Timely Strikes.

Also, if everyone has pre-ordered, don’t forget to collect 2 rewards in the Options menu. Cait Weapon Charm will increase Gil earned and Braveheart Sword will increase experience gained. Of these 2 bonuses, Braveheart Sword is the best item and should not be dropped under any circumstances.

Prioritize unlocking new skills

Clive will start the game with access to the basic ability wheel, along with special skills suitable for the Phoenix Eikon. Clive will gain Eikon power in addition to skill commands in battle.

Those who have played Devil May Cry 5 will be familiar with the idea of ​​switching between play styles during combat. The player can switch from Phoenix to Garuda instantly.

When it comes to upgrading, it’s best for gamers to keep those ability points. Once you’ve accumulated enough, buy the ultimate ability for each Eikon. For example, Phoenix’s best ability in Final Fantasy 16 is called Flames of Rebirth. In general, players should focus on unlocking new abilities rather than upgrading.

Do all the side quests

There aren’t many side quests in the game but be sure to do them all when unlocking them. They are extremely easy because the game clearly indicates the direction of the targets, a task that will take no more than a few minutes.

The reason why they are important is because the rewards are worth the little effort the players put in. Experience points, Gil, AP are all obtainable and are one of the best ways to increase Clive’s level and expand his skill set quickly.

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