Fighting tips in Streets of Rage 4 gamers need to know

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Streets of Rage 4 game is a return to the hugely popular classic beat ’em up battle. Although it has been released for a long time, so far, Streets of Rage is still one of the most loved action games.

Even some veteran players may not fully understand this game, so in this article, let’s learn some fighting tips in Streets of Rage 4 that will help you win every match.

Throwing technique

An important technique for getting out of an opponent’s grip is throwing. The game also clearly explains the mechanics, and it’s completely simple. Players do not need to press any buttons, but simply approach the enemy and the character will automatically grab them. Then, choose to throw your opponent forward, backward, or hit a few times while holding.

Elevator Battle

The final part of Stage 9 before the boss is a long elevator fight where the player defeats it with a host of powerful enemies. One thing players need to keep in mind is the glass walls on the side. They can break, but think twice about whether it’s worth it. Enemies can fall out of the broken glass, but so can the player, and it deals a tremendous amount of damage.

Play with a friend

Streets of Rage 4 is not only more fun to play in co-op, but also adds strategic capabilities. Friends can hurl enemies at each other, help other players, or take turns attacking when the boss loses focus. The ease of access also makes this great for inexperienced players in Streets of Rage 4. The game supports up to 4 simultaneous players with Local mode.

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Choose the right character

Streets of Rage 4 players need to know the difference between each character to take advantage of their strengths. Axel and Blaze are both full-fledged fighters, while Cherry is weaker than the rest but is lightning fast and is the only character that can run. In addition, Floyd can grab enemies from the furthest distance to make devastating throws. Each character also has different special moves.

Beware of attack combos

Players accumulate points by performing massive combos that can reach up to 30 hits. Once a match is made, it gives the player bonus points and eventually earns more lives.

Be careful, though, as taking damage while doing a combo will break it and the player will lose any potential bonuses. If the combo hits a certain number of hits, move away from it to the end and make it a hard earned point.

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