Fighting tips in One Piece Odyssey

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One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based RPG that has just been released, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the One Piece series. Still with a familiar storyline, the famous pirate, Straw Hat Luffy, and his Straw Hat crew, are sailing through the New World in search of their next island and next adventure that awaits them.

One Piece Odyssey - One Piece Odyssey
One Piece Odyssey – One Piece Odyssey

Continuing to focus on the spirit of One Piece, teammates are the most important thing in the game world and they will follow gamers into non-stop battles. There’s a lot to learn about fighting in One Piece Odyssey. Everything depends on the location, the power triangle, and the best use of the items.

This article will provide tips to know when fighting in One Piece Odyssey help players have a favorable start, ultimate strength and defeat all enemies.

Fighting tips in One Piece Odyssey

Increase combat speed

Players should increase their battle speed after a while. Attacks are executed quickly, but skill use is always accompanied by animations of varying lengths. There are so many battles to participate in, so viewing all these images is fun, but also extremely time-consuming. If you want to get in and out of combat quickly, choose the option to increase the speed of the battle.

Understanding the power triangle mechanism

The triangle of power in One Piece Odyssey has the same mechanics as scissors, hammer, and sack, and instead is Power (power), Technique (technique), Speed (speed).

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Power defeats Speed, Speed ​​defeats Techniques and Techniques that finish Power. As long as this is kept in mind, the player’s battles will go smoothly.

The game even offers another way to see this triangle in action. If you look at the names of the enemies, on their heads, gamers will see down arrow or arrow pointing up. These indicate whether your chosen character has an advantage in battle.

Change position

Gamers will quickly notice that the battles in One Piece Odyssey take place in several areas close to each other. For example, it is possible for Luffy to fight 2 enemies in one area, Usopp to fight three enemies, while Nami and Zoro are in another area with 1 enemy.

Players can roam with some special moves or knock enemies to other regions with powerful abilities. This is indispensable for victory without losing too much health.

If you need a character to fight in a different area, switch them to increase the speed of killing enemies, for example grouping all characters with the ability to attack in the same place. Immediately after unlocking Bond Arts, there will be an option to move the character with a simple but quite powerful attack.

Choose the correct attack range

When looking through the strengths of each character in the party, gamers will notice the icons above that describe the ability. It notes whether the ability is a close ability to hit enemies in the character’s area, or a ranged ability, that attacks opponents at a distance.

Using precise distance will deal more damage when attacking. For example, Luffy’s gum bullet is a close move, so it will be more effective in close combat.

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Players should also keep in mind that if using the skill close to an enemy that is further away, it will move that character to the enemy’s area. Doing this wrong can lead to moving a member of your team to a useless position in teamfights, and ultimately wasting an attack.

Find out the enemy’s weakness

As the player progresses, the player will encounter more enemies that have certain weaknesses to their abilities or even some abilities against them.

An easy example of this is Dos Fleurs Grab by Robin, associated with attacking the “sensitive areas” of men. Of course, this move only works on men, like Happiness Punch by Nami to seduce men.

Gamers will encounter strange enemies with resistance symbols, and they will easily defend specific abilities. As with most of the game, these states have clear instructions, so players only need to look out for the pink weakness icon or the blue resistance icon to get more out of their combat abilities. me.

Collect TP

Additional TP, the resource required to perform special abilities, is perhaps the most difficult resource to manage. Players will often use skills because they are stronger than the character’s standard attacks.

Each ability uses a different amount of TP and running out will leave the player struggling to overcome. The fastest way to replenish TP is to use that standard attack.

While there are consumable items and meals to refill TP, they are not as effective as health items. Adding 100 TP from a meal is nothing if an ability costs up to 80 TP to use. At least when attacking, the player is not only rewarded with TP for the attack, but also deals damage to the enemy at the same time, even if it’s minimal damage.

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Item buffs

Items and meals come in really handy when consuming them in battle. The meals that Sanji prepares are great for managing multiple options at once. For example: Bronze Bat Soup Restores 1000 HP to all allies in and out of battle.

However, if used during combat, it will also increase all allies’ DEF and GUTS by 10% for 3 turns. As you play, you’ll unlock more recipes with powerful summoner spells like health restoration and protection against certain elements.

It’s not just food that can support characters in battles. Usopp can create projectiles to throw at enemies, hitting them with a debuff effect. They are crafted at campsites and can affect enemy DEF, putting them to sleep or even paralyzing them.

Track the number of available equipment

Make sure to check your gear often, as players will find a lot in crates or as rewards. The device comes with a variety of buffs for the character’s stats. Some can apply burning or freezing effects to enemies, while others will increase base HP or attack power.

Each character can equip some equipment, as long as they have space to store them. Checking these out can be of great benefit to weaker characters or those with low HP. Later in the game, Robin can combine items to make them more powerful.

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