Eyes: The Horror Game Tips

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Eyes – The Horror Game is a horror game, with many different scenarios for players to explore and find a way to survive, dodging any threats lurking in the map. By completing different levels, gamers will unlock additional content with unique challenges.

Unlike most horror games, Eyes: The Horror Game allows the player to glimpse from the perspective of monsters through Eye Runes scattered throughout the level.

Players will need to find bags of money, while avoiding the pursuit of supernatural forces in Eyes: The Horror Game
Players will need to find bags of money, while avoiding the pursuit of supernatural forces in Eyes: The Horror Game

These Eye Runes provide around three seconds of monster vision but leave the player vulnerable until the screen time ends or cancel their vision early.

In this article, let’s find out Eyes: The Horror Game tips to have a good start and pass the level more easily.

Pay attention to game settings

Most people play games at default settings without knowing that these properties can be tweaked to their advantage. For example, if you’re having trouble moving or changing direction during an intense chase with in-game supernatural forces, Eyes: The Horror Game comes with a sensitivity setting that can be adjusted to preference. Alternatively, if you’re having trouble detecting items in certain areas, it’s highly recommended to adjust the game’s brightness.

Pay attention to the pocket

The main objective of the player Eyes: The Horror Game is to rob the treasure in the mansion in the form of money bags. The game allows gamers to easily spot these bags as most of the items are clearly visible.

However, one of the interesting things is that these money bags also act as magnets that attract supernatural entities to hunt for players. This means that the more money bags you collect, the more often enemies appear.

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Finding the location of these bags and returning to them, especially when solving a puzzle or collecting debris, is very important. The less annoying the player is from enemies, the faster he can complete his mission.

Also, make sure that your character won’t die while doing this quest because the game will automatically reset and randomly spawn the location of each item. In short, prioritize puzzle first, find pocket money second and don’t get killed.

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