Evolution Guide in Digimon Survive

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Similar to the Pokémon series that it is often compared to Digimon Survive also has a distinct form of evolution. The evolution in this game is called Digivolve, which allows Digimon to transform into entirely new forms, often increasing their power levels by a significantly greater amount.

Super product role-playing game in the world of monsters - Digimon Survive
Super product role-playing game in the world of monsters – Digimon Survive

There are 2 ways to Digivolve a Digimon in Digimon Survive, neither of which are available to new players. However, as you play through the main story, newbies will gradually gain access to more powerful forms.

Some of these are obtained through the use of special evolution items, while others are obtained in battle thanks to the strong bond shared between Digimon and its humans.

How to evolve in Digimon Survive

Exactly how a Digimon evolves will depend on the type of Digimon the player is using. Agumon, Falcomon, Labramon, and the rest of the Digimon automatically befriend the group that will Digivolve as part of the main story.

The player can then choose their Digivolve forms in battle to gain a certain amount of SP. When it comes to Agumon, exactly which forms are unlocked will depend on player choices, with the player’s Karma influencing Digimon’s evolutionary path.

Digimon making friends in Free Battles are slightly different from Digimon of the main story, they will require the use of items to Digivolve. They also won’t return to their base form after evolving, so players will need to think carefully about how best to use the items to evolve these Digimon.

The same is true for Guilmon, which players will be able to download if they purchase Digimon Survive within the first 30 days of the sale.

Players will gain the ability to evolve Digimon during the free battle at the end of Part 1, after Agumon has Digivolved for the first time. Unfortunately, however, gamers probably won’t receive their first evolution item until the battle with Fangmon at the end of the sequel, at which point both Falcomon and Labramon will also unlock their first forms of Digivolution. they.

Once you have the necessary items, gamers simply need to go to the menu Statsselect a Digimon, scroll to tab Evolutuonand then select a template.

It should also be noted that some Digimon have the ability to evolve into befriendable forms elsewhere (e.g. Gotsumon can Digivolve into Numemon), while others share Digivolution with the main party Digimon (e.g., Gotsumon can Digivolve into Numemon) eg Falcomon, Biyomon can Digivolve into Diatrymon).

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