Evil Dead: The Game tips for beginners

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Evil Dead: The Game – a survival horror role-playing game based on the famous Ghost Tree, compared to Dead By Daylight due to its asymmetrical gameplay and bloody horror theme.

In fact, Evil Dead: The Game is a very different game and can take a long time to get used to, whether you’re new to the genre or have had hundreds of hours rolling around in Dead By Daylight.

Horror game, survival role-playing game based on the movie Ghost Tree - Evil Dead: The Game
Horror game, survival role-playing game based on the movie Ghost Tree – Evil Dead: The Game

New players will have a much easier time banishing the Dark Ones (or sending the world into eternal darkness) thanks to a clear understanding of the game’s content. In this article, let’s discover Evil Dead: The Game tips for beginners, helping players win against hostile forces.

Evil Dead: The Game tips for beginners

Survivors need to stick together

One of the main mechanics of Evil Dead: The Game is Fear. As survivors explore the map, each character’s fear increases.

The more characters reach the high level of Fear, the faster the Kandarian Demon will level up. If the character’s Fear meter is maxed, demons can sense and even take over their body, temporarily taking control of the character and attacking other survivors.

Fear is inevitable, but survivors can control it by staying together and making a clear plan. Character’s fear grows much faster without teammates around, so it’s important not to run away on your own. Similarly, the devil player can greatly benefit from isolating survivors.

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Use transportation

The game’s map is quite large, and survivors have limited time to gather all the ingredients needed to banish the Dark Ones. Although driving a vehicle would attract the Devil’s attention, it was a much faster and safer method of traveling than traveling on foot.

Walking through the forest causes survivors to attack Deadite and unnecessarily increase Fear level, so if a vehicle is found, use it to get to the next destination.

This is the same with demons, if survivors are found and there is a car nearby, the devil can possess it. Alternatively, the devil can distract with Deadites and then drive the vehicle far away.

Always turn on the flashlight when searching the house

Indoor areas provide enough sense of security to allow survivors to recover from increased fear, and they also tend to be the places with the most items to grab.

Whenever you’re searching your home for supplies, remember to turn on your flashlight. Some items will only appear if illuminated by a survivor’s flashlight, so leaving it out will cause players to miss out on useful items.

Killing survivors is quite difficult

The survivors in Evil Dead: The Game are really respectable. Each team member takes significant damage before being killed, and can even then be revived by teammates. While this does not mean that survivors should take unnecessary risks, it is quite possible to take risks in some cases.

From the Demon role, this means that the player should not expect to eliminate all Survivors in one encounter. Better the devil role player should identify the vandals and try to eliminate them one by one. The fewer survivors who make it to the final encounter, the better.

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End the match even if you can’t win

Losing is never a pleasant thing. Even if you are facing any difficult situation that leads to defeat in both Survivor and Demon roles, players should not leave the game screen early. This will cause gamers to lose all rewards received from the match, robbing them of the opportunity to level up and perform better next time.

Each character starts with a skill point

It may not be obvious, but every playable character in Evil Dead: The Game has a skill point ready to be assigned in the first place. Players can gain an immediate advantage by going to the screen Collection to specify this point.

Since each character in the same class uses the same skill tree, only one skill can be instantly enhanced, and it’s not clear why this point isn’t assigned automatically.

With this skill point, players will be much more efficient in their first matches (if they take the time to manually assign points to the characters they intend to play).

Remember to level up during the match

Many players often forget that their character has received a stat boost. Survivors can pick up a can of Pink F right before the battle and then continue without using it. Using earned upgrades is essential for both Survivor and Demon, so don’t forget about it.

If you play a character often, choose a line they use often. Whenever the voice line plays, double-check to make sure that the player doesn’t miss any unused stats.

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