Evil Dead: The Game Survivor Tips

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Evil Dead: The Game is a horror, survival role-playing game based on the famous Ghost Tree series. The game offers terrifying violence scenes but is also full of fun with climactic moments, making for a fascinating and bloody time.

This game isn’t simply horror, though, to make everyone scream, it’s also filled with layers and strategies to learn.

Whether you play as hero Ash Williams and his friends or as the fearsome Demon Kandarian, discover the survival tips in the horror game Evil Dead: The Game that help everyone win at their roles.

Tips for being a survivor in Evil Dead: The Game

For survivors, to win requires a wise strategy, teamwork and always trying their best. Players must keep a cool head and pay attention to the Necronomicon prize, while teammates are possessed, Deadites are rushing towards them, trees are shaking horribly,… and don’t forget to apply the tips below.

Play with high teamwork: A team of 4 survivors sticking together is much stronger than any single player joining on their own. Players can also distribute the loot they find with their teammates, being more daring, so the fear level will also be low.

Don’t forget to use the ping system to mark targets, items, and locations for your teammates to see. Whether you’re having a voice chat or playing face-to-face, communicating via a ping system is key to success.

Choose the right battle: If together, everyone can fight against, as well as have a chance to defeat Deadites and bosses. But if it’s alone and the team is split, it’s probably better for the player to run away and survive to fight another day.

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Keep fear low: Demon Kandarian is visible when the player’s fear level is high, when shooting and entering cars. Stopping the demon from finding himself quickly should help everyone advance in the early game without major problems.

  • The high level of fear allows the devil to see survivors on the minimap. This means it can come close and start the carnage.
  • The high level of fear also causes Kandarian to possess the survivors, controlling them and pitting them against each other.
  • Find sources of light, like a lamp or fire, to light them up to ease the fear.

It can be said that, in order to win against the hunt of the evil Kandarian, the survivor role player needs to cooperate with his teammates, support each other and always keep his fear low so as not to be detected by the demon.

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