Euro Truck Simulator 2: Quick and effective money making tips

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an open-world truck simulation game that allows gamers to experience building truck empires from the beginning. Although it describes itself as a simulator, it has a tycoon element hidden underneath, with money being the main motivator to experience a fun drive across the country.

After all, making money is one of the main goals of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Players who intend to expand their trucking empire need a lot of cash to make that happen. With a little patience and hard work, the following tips will make making money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 faster and more efficient.

Truck and first base

Players who are already deeply involved in the game can skip this first tip, but for beginners, it would be wise not to invest in a luxury truck at a large expense. Players do not often travel with their first truck in a long time. It’s there to help the business go up and start something bigger. Therefore, smart investment will help gamers save quite a bit of initial cost.

Speaking of the right decisions, the next step would be to set up headquarters in the right location. At first, location options like Paris or the Alps often seem appealing, but they are not.

As the game progresses, deliveries will be all over the map and picking a spot at either end of the map can be time consuming as well as money. Choosing a zone that has more access to all points on the map with equal distances is convenient and provides more options while picking orders.

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The right job and a new truck

It’s safe to take jobs with quick turnaround times for the first 4-5 businesses. Such quick jobs can be filtered using the option Pay per distance in the menu Order. This provides a quick return on investment and accumulation of bank balances.

This is an important note to consider, as the game opens to banking services after completing the first few deliveries. The bank will gladly provide a huge loan so that the player can buy the truck of his dreams.

While this adds costs like fuel and maintenance, it will be well worth the investment. The next step will be to receive shipping orders in and around the selected facility. This helps players get a feel for the map without having to go on a meaningless long trip.

Business expansion

As the game progresses to level 3 or higher, the bank will offer a substantial amount in the form of a loan (4 times the original amount). Using this money to buy a new garage, truck and hire a driver will be a great way to move forward.

In short, to make money effectively in Euro Truck Simulator 2, apply the right formula: shop properly > choose the right order > earn money > expand > repeat the process.

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