Endless Nightmare 4: Tips to escape from the haunted prison

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Endless Nightmare 4: Prison is part 4 of the previous hit Endless Nightmare series, with the settings in the house (Home), hospital (Hospital) and temple (Shrine). In this 4th part, players will enter a bizarre prison to continue the adventure. Endless Nightmare 4 possesses surreal 3D graphics with insane detail, on par with PC games.

Endless Nightmare 4: Prison
Endless Nightmare 4: Prison

Play as Scott, a soldier in the US army, who lost his wife and son to the pandemic and his brother committed suicide, even being sentenced to death by the Supreme Court for killing a police officer. Players will need to try to escape from the prison by going to different rooms and collecting things such as weapons, keys, bricks, … to open the door to escape.

In this article, let’s learn the tips and tricks to help players successfully escape from the spooky prison in Endless Nightmare 4: Prison.

Weapon Upgrade

The game offers a lot of weapons such as hammers, pistols, machine guns, etc. Players need to collect these weapons while playing and exploring the locations. These will be basic units and they need time to upgrade many times to take down the growing prisoners.

With the upgrade, gamers can easily shoot down zombie prisoners in one go instead of having to shoot multiple times, wasting bullets. Not only upgrading weapons, gamers also need to create their own bullets to meet enough for hunting enemies.

Resource search

One of the main goals of this game is to collect resources. Resources like Medical Syringe, Lockpit, Pistol Ammo, Room Key, Newspaper, Bottle,… are essential to progress further in the game.

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For example, people need to collect materials such as parts, alloys, … to upgrade their weapons and make their bullets. Not only that, players should only buy weapons this way. Search in different rooms, explore multiple locations, and carefully go through everything.

Complete daily quests and achievements

The game has many daily quests and achievements to complete and earn rewards. These quests are structured in such a way as to give rewards when done well. There are missions like pistol expert, break time, law enforcer, giant killer, sharp shooter,…

These quests require the player to perform quantities such as getting 5 kills through assassination, achieving 10 kills with shotguns, etc. Completing these missions is the simplest way to earn resources. in Endless Nightmare 4: Prison.

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