eFootball 2023: Professional passing tips

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eFootball 2023 regularly receives updates to improve the experience in this fascinating football game. One of the most positively changed aspects is passing. In the past, not canceling passes and controlling power was a headache, but this update has delivered everything gamers wanted.

Players love to make good use of passing opportunities and try something different. In this article, let’s explore the top passing tips and tricks that players should apply in eFootball 2023 to create the perfect pass.

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eFootball 2023: Professional passing tips

Predict defender’s movement

The football game will reproduce everything that can be seen in football, for example the movement of defenders. This is really important to make or break formations, whether dribbling or passing. There will be different patterns a defender can approach, such as dribbling or pressing.

So predicting and reading a defender’s movements is really important before making a pass. There are certain situations where defenders will track and run in the direction of another player. This way he is predicting the pass in that direction. So, before passing, read the defender’s movements to create the best effect.

Create space for players in front of the pass

It’s no surprise that many players enjoy quick ball deployments and don’t want to slow down the tempo of the game. Passing is something that is done very often and most of the game will be focused on quick deployment. However, this is a bad choice to choose from and leads to many mistakes. Instead, using the player to rotate and pass the ball will work.

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Player balance while passing is very important and a lack of it can lead to the wrong passing. So the player will have to make space, done with Sharp Touch, or turn in the direction of that pass without using Dash. Using a move, just get rid of the defender and then get past it.

Use Stunning Pass at the Right Time

Stunning Pass is a pretty cool pass option that has been included in the game. This feature allows for a low tempo and aggressive play, high passes and even diagonals. However, there are some cases where the pass does not appear correctly and affects the game.

Implement Pass and Go

Pass and Go is not the best choice to make when facing deep blocks because of the moderate pass, but when using this maneuver in the midfield to run into available spaces, it is it works effectively.

Another reason that players like Pass and Go is the ease of running. However, in eFootball 2023, controlling this move is not easy, because every player’s stats (except speed) will directly affect the field. If using Pass and Go in a tight space, the defenders will follow the player’s movements closely.

Choose a player with the right skills

In addition to the overall rating for the player, it is also important to consider the specific attributes that are important for the pass you need. Passing skills such as One Touch Pass, Weighted Pass and passing skills Pinpoint Crossing is one of the most important skills and if a player has these skills, it will have a direct impact on the game.

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This also depends on the position and style of play that gamers are using, for wingers, players need to have Pinpoint Crossing to deliver great crosses and to play 1-2 seconds, no skill is more effective One Touch Pass. Therefore, the selection of players with this style of play will directly affect the game.

Passing has always been something players think needs improvement, and the latest version of the game delivers on that. It’s getting harder and harder to manage a good pass, and with this change the game mechanics got a new light.

Passing technique requires practice from players to make things work in eFootball 2023. Therefore, it is important for players to keep these tips in mind and improvise with their passing style.

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