eFootball 2023: Effective dribbling tips

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Dribbling is a technique where a player holds and controls the ball at his feet to move the ball past his opponent and get closer to goal, to avoid defenders’ attempts to intercept the ball.

This is a very important technique in soccer, not only in real life but also in video games. eFootball 2023 is no exception. The effectiveness of dribbling in a game is determined by a player’s skill level and defense and can lead to important changes.

So, in this article, effective dribbling tips and tricks that players should follow in eFootball 2023 to prevent the opposing team’s dangerous moves.

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eFootball 2023: Effective dribbling tips

Using Touch and Dash

touch and Dash is a very effective technique that players can practice to get the most out of their dribbling skills. While this is not a skill move, it is an effective way to cover the ball and then trick the opposing defender out of position. It includes skill Sharp Touch Played effectively, very easy to do but need to pay attention to the surroundings.

While receiving the ball, lightly tap the left side of the control bar and while the opposing player is pressing in your direction just press the Dash then move to the opposite direction or to the side. This works well because any sudden change of direction makes it difficult for the opponent to handle, thus adding it to a great move for dribbling.

Mastering Double Touch

Double Touch is considered by many to be the simplest but most effective dribbling in eFootball 2023. It helps to overcome opponents easily and if mastered this technique, it is definitely something that elevates the level of a gamer’s dribbling.

Just touch Dashthen swipe in the desired movement direction to perform Double Touch. In matches, whenever an opponent rushes towards them, players will be able to quickly calculate a one-second delay before receiving the ball and making a move. When passing a player of the opposing team, dribble quickly.

Get the ball with the Marseille Turn

Marseille Turn passing the ball 360 degrees is a popular and effective move skill in eFootball 2023. Although not many players have this skill, it is a very effective trick that should be used to escape pressing. In some cases, the opponent will press very hard and want to keep pressing high even though the fitness bar is low.

This is when Marseille Turn completely lethal. It can perform a double press so easily that, once done, the player will feel the midfield area open wide with lots of passing options. Players like Sergio Busquets, Dybala and Neymar all have this skill, and along with their superhuman control of the ball, they can easily overcome the pressing with a great move of skill.

Ball control

Driving the ball without using any skills or pressing, combined with players like Messi, Verratti, Frenkie De Jong, … will show players how simple and effective it is. Tight ball control is the best way to dribble in tight spaces and be able to dribble around without much pressure.

What makes this so effective is that eFootball leans towards a game that relies on very good ball control. Every action of the player will determine how to play and control the ball is one of them. Players with tight possession will be able to control the ball easily and if the players combine this with a skill or two, the results will be truly satisfying.

Use fake shots

Fake shots are the best way to fool any opponent defender. Sometimes it’s so critical that it just misses the defender, and the player can easily get past him without much concern. In addition, it is very easy to do and there is no worry about the time it takes to make that fake shot. For the best effect when moving this skill, the player only needs to choose the direction against the defender’s movement.

For example, if the opposing player and defender are close together, make a fake shot in the opposite direction, and a strong touch immediately after will only cost him the point. Making a fake shot is very simple, press the shoot button and using the move button, swipe in the direction you choose before the player takes the shot.

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