eFootball 2023: Defense tips to know

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eFootball 2023 has continuously received a number of updates, upgrading the popular football franchise game of KONAMI. Over time, the defense in eFootball 2023 has been a bit different, with gameplay changes coming soon.

So it is important for players to understand the new techniques and skills added in the game. In this article, let’s find out Top defensive tips and tricks that gamers should apply in eFootball 2023.

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eFootball 2023: Defense tips to know

Maintain the backline

The first and most important tip to remember is to maintain the backline of the squad. What players do wrong is just defending without being careful, or focusing too much on attack, especially when playing high. This becomes very difficult to control and therefore leads to a lot of mistakes on the part of the defenders.

So always maintain the backline of the team. Radar view helps a lot with that, and gamers can quickly see underperforming players. Don’t join until you’re sure there’s enough coverage. Double Pressing will also work with a defender and any midfielder. This way the team won’t create a loophole and always remember not to Double Press with two CBs.

Cut the passes

Interception skills should be used very often. Even when playing online, people insist on high pressure and relentlessly this creates a huge hole in midfield and allows a good player to break through the backline without breaking a sweat. So, breaking the passes is a smart tactic to approach the game.

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When entering the match, it can be seen that each player will have a unique playing style. Everyone can predict the next move and give the closest pass plan. This will lead to different situations where the opponent is blocked, trying to lob the ball or pass it back, creating some advantage.

Match-ups are very useful in 1v1

When defending against an oncoming dribbler, defenders will try to keep the right position between the opponent and the goal. With Match-up, players can now force their players to do the same in the game. Coordination makes it easier for players to block oncoming passes and shots, thus greatly helping with having a good defence.

Use Shoulder Charge often

In general, Shoulder Charge is a football term that refers to a physical play in which a player uses their shoulders to push an opponent out of the way to gain possession of the ball. The same was true in previous versions, when a dedicated move would allow the player to push the opponent off the ball.

However, the Shoulder Charge move works great because it doesn’t lead to fouls at all. Use this move when near the player so it works without any problems. Another piece of advice is to limit the use of this move in the box and from behind the player, This is because people never know when the referee might award a penalty.

Take the defensive midfielder deep

Defensive midfield is not meant to have players entombed in the center of midfield, but covering in this position is essential to not concede a goal. The common mistake of players is to press wide with DMF and without a flexible formation, things can go awry.

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So, a great trick to strengthen the defensive structure is to get the help of the DMF back. Place the DMF so that this player is between the 2 CBs in the 4ATB formation or right next to the central CB in the 3ATB formation. This will neutralize most threats as the player will provide an extra defensive option for the team.

A good CB pairing will solve many problems

Choosing the right pair of central defenders is the best way to prevent defensive risks. Considering using 2 midfielders in the Destroyer style and managing them not to leave the position is increasingly difficult, so it is necessary to choose defenders that can complement each other.

Another important tip to remember is the Team Playstyle that we are using to get good results. So check the team’s defense, and for example, if it’s the high line, then pick the fastest CBs. This way, the player can stop the counter without any difficulty.

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