Effective ways to make money in Kenshi

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In Kenshi, the official currency of the game is Cat. Players can earn Cats legally or illegally. Some of the genuine ways of making money in Kenshi are manufacturing weapons, creating Grog and selling it to nobles, or doing nefarious work like stealing valuable goods from shop owners. In this article, let’s find out effective ways to earn money while playing Kenshi, helping gamers accumulate finance for important activities.

Loot from corpses

If you’re just starting your adventure in Kenshi, you might come to the conclusion that it’s hard to get Cats. That is why people should accept unethical practices, such as looting from corpses.

If you are in a place where it is not possible to easily steal items, this method is the easiest for beginners. Simply provoke the bandits to chase your friend to the nearest bar, then they will be destroyed by the guards living in the bar. Then take the heart protectors, swords and other equipment they carry.


Making money legally is a difficult process in Kenshi, players must grind their stats to venture out into the suburbs. Then it takes 30-40 hours of gameplay to start his outpost.

That’s why gamers should visit certain shop owners and steal stuff from there. Players can earn 20,000 – 30,000 Cat just by stealing the shop owner’s stuff. One specific location is the Robotics Shop in Heft – skeletons have expensive items like energy cores, robotic components, skeletal muscles, all worth between 2,000 – 4,000 Cats each.

This method is effortless and doesn’t even require the player to sneak or steal on the pro level. People just need to wait until evening, make sure they are not detected, and right-click on the items they want to steal. This way helps to collect about 20,000 Cats a night.

Copper ore mining

Copper is worth about 200 Cats so, if the player’s character works well, within 20 minutes IRL it should be easy to get at least 10,000 Cats. It is quite boring but at the same time one of the most profitable methods to do.

Just go to a place where there is copper ore and right click on it. The character will start mining and fill the warehouse with copper ore. Just make sure to bring a backpack to carry them.

Hunting Leviathan

Leviathan carries pearls, which sell for 12,000 Cat each. Leviathan is pretty scary, but if you have a well-equipped troop, it’s a great way to increase your income.

Go to the Leviathan Coast or Stobe’s Gamble and look for Leviathans to hunt. Their attack animations are sometimes buggy and can give the player an advantage. Remember to equip the Falling Suns for the warriors and collect pearls before they wake up.

Producing armor, weapons

If there is an outpost, players will easily earn a huge amount of Cat. Gamers will need it for ingredients, food, and more. That’s why everyone should start mass-producing weapons and armor.

Get yourself a weapons bench and start crafting melee weapons, like Falling Suns or Nodachi. Level 1/2 will sell about 10,000 Cats each.

If you want to create armor, it is best to make normal shirts because they take up the least space and also sell for a lot of money. Pack it in a backpack and sell it to store owners in local cities.

This method brings huge profits, and helps to enhance the training of weapons and armor for your character.

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