Effective ways to earn Silver in Albion Online

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Albion Online is an MMORPG set in a fictional medieval era. Silver is the premium currency of the game and it can be earned through exploration, crafting, player-versus-player combat,…

Overall, Albion Online players have a variety of options for collecting Silver, allowing them to tailor the experience to their own preferences. In this article, let’s explore all the most effective ways to earn Silver in Albion Online, thereby having an abundant source of money to buy necessary items.

The Most Effective Ways to Earn Silver in Albion Online

Fight in Corrupted Dungeon

In Albion Online, players will encounter Corrupted Dungeons while exploring the kingdom. By overcoming challenging obstacles and defeating formidable enemies, players can earn Silver in these dungeons.

Finding and using a Corrupted Portal, which may be located in different parts of the world, is the first step into the Corrupted Dungeon. After entering the dungeon, the player must fight through hordes of enemies and formidable bosses. Cash and other rewards for completing Corrupted Dungeon are substantial. The rewards can be greater by making the dungeon more difficult.

Carry out trading tasks

In Albion Online, players can earn Silver by completing trading missions, which require the transportation of items from one city to another. Whenever visiting a major city, the player can participate in trading quests by talking to the trading NPC.

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Shipments of products, such as groceries or weapons, are transported from one location to another, as part of commerce. The farther and rarer the item must travel, the more Silver the player gets.

Players have the option to transport their own wares (by horse or boat) or hire NPC merchants to do so. Although shopping from NPC shops costs more money, it reduces the chance of being attacked by other players.

Players can also earn silver by participating in trading activities arranged by other players and giving even more valuable gifts. It is important to remember that these trading missions often present the dangers of attacking or stealing goods by other players. Therefore, gamers are advised to create guilds or cooperate with other players before undertaking any trading quests.

Open World Dungeon (Solo and Group)

Players can earn silver by exploring the open-world dungeons in Albion Online and battling the powerful creatures that inhabit them. Depending on the challenge and reward, players can enter these dungeons alone or in groups.

When compared to group dungeons, the rewards in solo open world dungeons are modest. For solo players looking to earn money and precious treasures without relying on a party, these dungeons are a great alternative.

However, the open world dungeon rewards in groups are higher because they are for multiplayer to overcome together. These dungeons can be tougher, but their rewards are greater in terms of both currency and precious items.

Group ganking

In Albion Online, “gank” means ambushing and killing other players in open-world locations, usually in groups. Looting equipment and supplies from defeated players while ganking is a great method to earn extra money.

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Members of the gank-minded player community often gather together and scour the map for gullible victims. Because it can be seen as unfair to players who are ambushed, ganking can be a dangerous and divisive behavior.

While using ganking is an attractive strategy for silver in Albion Online, doing so is against the rules of the game and is not recommended. Silver can also be earned through PvE, Trade and World Dungeon activities, so no ganking is required. These actions are more open, while also promoting a flourishing economy in the game.

Daily Exploration

In Albion Online, players can earn silver by participating Daily Expeditions and complete difficult PvE activities. These tasks are group-oriented, repetitive daily activities that can be done together.

Players need to get Expedition License from an NPC in one of the main cities before joining. Then regroup together and set off for the expedition’s starting point.

The rewards for completing an expedition include rich coins and treasures, but battles against creatures and bosses are tough. Gamers can choose expeditions that match their level of experience and play style.

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