Dream Sushi Shop: Tips to increase restaurant revenue

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Dream Sushi ShopMy Sushi Storyis a restaurant operation simulation game, where the player will become a talented manager, a skilled chef who is on a journey to conquer Japanese cuisine, with a potential sushi shop.

Realize your dream of building and running a Japanese restaurant in My Sushi Story - Dream Sushi Shop
Realize your dream of building and running a Japanese restaurant in My Sushi Story – Dream Sushi Shop

Participating in the game, gamers will have to explore and test every way to expand the restaurant, create many new and unique dishes, to attract as many diners as possible. All for the sake of building a famous sushi shop with the highest revenue.

In this article, let’s discover tips to help increase sales, maximize profits for restaurants in Dream Sushi, thereby having more money to upgrade the shop to develop further.

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Complete mission

Dream Sushi Shop, like many other games, has a task system, which plays the role of guiding players on what to prioritize, and at the same time providing stable money to start a business.

In the early stages of the game, completing missions is a launchpad to help the restaurant have more budget to grow. To maximize the reward from the mission, players can watch ads to get double the amount.

Upgrade dishes

Dream Sushi Shop has countless unique Japanese dishes waiting for gamers to unlock. Each dish in the menu will be divided into many categories and can be upgraded to a maximum of 5 stars. Upgrading dishes will help increase the cost of products when sold to diners, thereby improving profits.

Restaurant upgrade

Not only the food, the beautiful restaurant space will also satisfy and attract many new customers, so players should upgrade every area in the salon. Each upgraded area will bring bonuses such as increasing idle money, reducing dining time, increasing cooking speed, etc. to serve more diners, thereby increasing revenue.

Hire more staff

Along with the goal of serving customers faster, hiring staff will help reduce time and maximize the service process. Players will not need to touch each guest or each kitchen tool with their hands to cook, but instead, the staff will do it all automatically. Reducing service time and dining time all contribute to increasing the number of visitors, thereby increasing profits for the sushi restaurant.

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