Dream League Soccer 2023: Tips for fast promotion in Division

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Dream League Soccer 2023 is a lot more challenging than its predecessors and climbing the ranks requires some serious effort. Players will start with a roster of players whose OVR ratings fluctuate between the 50s and 60s. So winning can be a big challenge.

However, the player does not need to win all the games in the Division to progress. In this article, let’s find out useful tips to help Dream League Soccer 2023 players progress quickly through tournaments.

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DLS 2023: Tips for fast promotion in Division

Adhere to all Division goals

To ensure promotion in the Division, the player must find a way to complete all the objectives of the current Division in Career Mode. Completing all is important in the 15 Division Games, otherwise the player will not be able to advance and must play that Division again.

You can find them in the . section Club in the menu Career Mode. The player must finish in a higher position than the one mentioned in the goals and tally the desired number of goals.

No matter what rank the game requires to be completed, it is not necessary for everyone to win all the games. Out of the 15 matches of Division, even if only 10 wins are won, the player will still become the top of the table. The biggest challenge here is the number of targets because at first the rookie will only have underrated strikers, so sometimes will miss opportunities.

Therefore, beginners should use strong strikers from the beginning, when the game asks you to choose a legendary player as captain. While in the lower Divisions the goal is to strengthen the attack, so the opposing teams will also have low quality players. Having a good striker can help score 5-6 goals in a game and ensure promotion.

Maximize the medical center

Besides the stadium, gamers must pay attention to maximize the health center Medical Center. To be able to win games and get promoted, it is important to have the best 11 starting players in every match, especially events. Global Challenge Cupwhere it is imperative to win.

Initially, there will not be too many good players, causing defeat in a few matches and becoming an obstacle to promotion. Therefore, maximizing the use of the stadium’s medical staff will significantly reduce the chance of 11 starting players getting injured.

Gems earned through Live Event and complete Division goals, should be used to maximize Perk and Commercial of the Medical Center. Do not spend gems on unnecessary things because without upgrading the stadium facilities, promotion is impossible.

Bringing weak players to Fitness Coach

Fitness is the last important thing in the Dream League Soccer series. There’s no point in keeping unwanted players who don’t fulfill the dream 11-man squad. So give them to fitness trainers Fitness Coach because it will bring 2 advantages. First, if the main player is injured, a fitness coach will help him rehab so that promotion opportunities are not wasted.

Second, gamers need to keep the market going, so that legendary players appear on the transfer window. Not having good players won’t be a problem in the lower tiers, but as you progress further, promotion will be difficult without highly regarded team members.

Rent a Common Scout

This may sound a bit strange since there is only a 5% chance of finding legendary players, but it helps a lot in terms of resource management. Can rent Common Scout normally with 75 cents, while the Legendary Scouts have a higher probability of signing a legendary player, needing up to 500 coins to hire.

Let’s say get a legendary player after hiring 6 Legendary Scouts, while to get the same player it might be necessary to hire 12 Common Scouts. Players can clearly imagine that 12 Common Scouts require an investment of 900 coins while on the other hand, 6 Legendary Scouts cost up to 3000 coins.

This is why DLS players should choose Common Scout. To advance in the Divisions, legendary players are required in their squad, so players should use their money wisely and look for Common Scouts. Remember, players can appear as individuals or as Top Picks. So save money and spend wisely to own the strongest player at the most affordable price.

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