Dream League Soccer 2023: Strategies gamers need to know

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Coming from First Touch Games, Dream League Soccer 2023 is the latest version of the popular football game series on mobile, now available for download on all Android and iOS devices. The game has undergone a lot of changes and improvements compared to previous versions.

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Now users can build their dream team and get promoted thanks to over 4000 FIFPro licensed players. In this beginner’s guide to Dream League Soccer 2023, let’s discover some tips to make your journey to the top of football glory easier.

Dream League Soccer 2023: Strategies gamers need to know

Choose your ideal captain

At the start, rookies are asked to choose a legendary player as their captain. If you are in the first season, players should choose a striker or midfielder, to focus mainly on enhancing the ability to attack when needed to score.

Always keep defenders and midfielders on the bench with a striker to score big goals when needed. When gradually starting to climb the ranks in Divisionthe goal would then be to begin fortifying the defenses.

Build the right squad

Team management is an important aspect of any football game. The 4-4-2 formation and its similar variant, 4-1-2-1-2 are unlocked by default. To unlock the rest, gamers need to upgrade Training Center mine. New players can try a 4-1-2-1-2 attack with 2 central midfielders allowing one player to attack more, while the other actively defends.

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When attacking, two wingers can fill the gap, allowing the full-back to organize attacks across the flanks more flexibly, while also preparing for crosses. The duo of strikers with attacking midfielders is one of the most successful squads of the Dream League Soccer series. The lineup must match the gamer’s playing style, so play 1 or 2 matches in Offline Exhibition to set up a better squad.

Stadium upgrade

The first thing gamers should focus on when starting out is upgrading the areas of the stadium. This is essential if you want to rank up in Division and own Elite Player in the squad.

In addition, the resource reward received after each match also increases when upgrading the stadium. Initially, players won’t have too many coins and gems, so let’s start upgrading Stadium, Commercial and Medical first.

Complete daily challenge

Log in every day and finish Daily Challenge not only help to earn resources but also Season Point, play an important role to win Season Pass. The goals of Division must be followed to ensure promotion. This is also an optimal way to get acquainted with Dream League Soccer 2023.

Regularly check the transfer market

To pave the way for elite Elite players, it is important for gamers to stay active in the transfer market – Live Transfer Market. Without buying and selling players on a regular basis, elite players will never appear on the transfer window, players will be left with a weak squad.

Take long shots

Long-range shots were removed from Dream League Soccer in previous installments, and were only re-added this season. Scoring is probably the most difficult challenge in DLS, when gamers need to get the ball into the net using an analog stick.

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Try scoring from outside the box or chip the ball above the keeper. Players should also practice finishing in training sessions and offline games to get used to it.

Set-pieces can lead to most goals scored in DLS 2023. Practice free kicks and corners on the training ground to apply in the game.

If you’re a beginner, your team won’t have a player with a powerful shot. Therefore, everyone should either make a long pass that gets the ball to the striker’s feet or pass the ball to the next player and develop the attack from there.

The second approach should be preferred as it has more accuracy. Avoid any missed tackles near the penalty box as opponents will also be looking to score from set pieces.

Some other scoring tips

  • Only live matches are held in Dream League Live Matches on weekends to make the most of the benefits.
  • In the event of a player’s injury, use a substitute for a few games. That would greatly reduce the cost of healing and possibly save resources.
  • Don’t hire a coach when you don’t need to because there’s no point in coaching underrated players if they don’t make it into the Dream 11 squad.
  • Watch daily ads to collect in-game resources.

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