Dinkum tips for beginners

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There are many life simulator, survival games that challenge gamers to find a way to survive and thrive in extreme places. However, most of them take place in locations of a tropical or jungle nature. If you are looking for something fresh, a change of pace, then Dinkum is a great choice.

Life simulation farm game - Dinkum
Life simulation farm game – Dinkum

Dinkum is a survival game set in an Australian inspired region. There are mother-of-pearl groves, eucalyptus forests, and even scorching deserts. Players will be tasked with finding natural resources in these places and using them to craft and build a life for themselves.

Over time, from living in a hut, gamers will become the head of a large community built by themselves. The road to your own town will be long and arduous, but the following tips and tricks will help novice Dinkum conquer the outback and become the last survivor.

Dinkum tips for beginners

Reserve money in the game

At the beginning of the game, gamers will need to get as much money as possible because it will bring supplies and equipment, which take a long time to own.

Luckily there is a great way to make a lot of money very quickly. What to do is get fishing rods and bug nets and use them as much as possible. Catching fish and bugs is completely free and selling them will bring a lot of money.

In the early hours, spend part of the time catching bugs and fishing to accumulate money for later in the game. This may seem tedious to some people, especially since there is so much to do, but these activities can be quite enjoyable and relaxing when the right rhythm is found.

Chopping and planting trees

Once they’ve stabilized their base, players will want to find ways to get more of the resources they need. A great way to do this is to cut down some trees and collect the seeds that fall off. Each tree cut will drop 2 seeds.

After that, gamers can take the seeds you collect and plant them anywhere they want. What everyone should do is establish orchards close to where they live. Each tree will provide 2 seeds, so everyone will get twice as many trees.

These orchards can grow very quickly and they are a great way to get a variety of different fruits as well as a steady supply of wood, which is essential for building and crafting. .

Collect permit points

One of the coolest mechanics in Dinkum is the milestone system. Every time you complete an action a certain number of times, you’ll complete a milestone, which can then be exchanged for permit points.

Permit points are the most valuable currency, more than cash in the game. Gamers use them to purchase licenses from notebooks, which provide all sorts of extra functions and features.

At the beginning of the game, using points allows the player to unlock the ability to mine and dig. It will then provide important abilities, and people need to balance unlocking new abilities with upgrading existing ones.

Learn about machines

Gamers will collect a lot of resources when playing Dinkum. Most of these resources are not usable in their raw form, so people need to deal with them first. To do this, players can build the complex machines that Dinkum has available to do many different things more easily.

Some of the popular tools and machines in Dinkum are furnaces, saw tables, BBQs, etc. Players will use the smelter to process the found metal into another usable form.

Meanwhile, the saw table will help turn the logs into the wooden planks needed for construction. Finally, the BBQ table will cook the food that gamers hunt or earn in the bush.

Leveraging machines is a great way to maximize efficiency and ensure players get all the resources and materials they need faster. Everyone can enter their base, leave all the materials earned after finishing their work, wait for the machine to do the material processing and collect twice the amount of resources later when completed.

Monitor character’s energy

In the process of discovering, collecting, and crafting things, Dinkum players will need to keep an eye on their energy level meter. Every action the player takes in the game slowly drains this clock, and once that energy is used up, the player won’t be able to do any more work.

If you are working in the field, people can eat some food to recharge themselves and continue the unfinished work. Cooking instructions in Dinkum will help gamers understand how to prepare and the recipes available in the game.

In the wild there are many things that can be eaten. However, arbitrarily eating these in their raw, unprocessed form will only give the character a small amount of energy, and can only eat 3 pieces of raw food at a time.

If you want to maximize the effect of energy recovery, players will want to eat tailored, prepared meals that can only be made at the table. Like every game with cooking mechanics, food recipes will require a lot of ingredients.

However, with the amount of energy they recover, it will make all that gamers work hard to collect extremely valuable.

The most efficient food processing in large quantities so that everyone can easily restore their energy, without ever having to return to base in the middle of gathering resources.

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