Digital Girls: Idle RPG tips for beginners

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Digital Girls: Idle RPG is an anime style role-playing game with extremely beautiful characters. The player’s task is to collect cards to upgrade those characters, from level to level until they become Goddesses.

In this game, gamers need to complete each chapter in the Joint Venture of 6 heroes on their team. In this article, let’s learn the important tips to know when playing Digital Girls: Idle RPG, help beginners get off to a good start and defeat all the forces of evil.

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Continue to upgrade heroes

To complete each level more easily, high combat strength is required, by using and upgrading the heroes in the team. One of the easiest ways is to level up with Hero EXP and Gold.

Then, when each hero reaches level 30, there is a useful change (Tier Up) to increase Infancy and unlock the hero’s newest skill, which requires resources in the form of Stone.

Besides, gamers can also perform Star Up, but it is necessary to have a copy of the hero and several heroes of the same rank and element. This is quite difficult because of course, gamers have to use gacha to get the heroes. Then, to unlock the equipment, the player needs to reach level 60.

Take advantage of the dungeon

To upgrade his heroes, the player needs a lot of materials and resources, so dungeons are provided for this. Players can move to the Suburb section first, then choose the hero cultivation materials, with 5 different types of options. First, there’s Gold, EXP, Demon, Hero and Empower Dungeon. Each dungeon has a difficulty level and rewards when the difficulty level is unlocked according to the character’s CP.

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Set up the right lineup

The game will have 6 squads, each of which will decide how to deploy the heroes. First is Origin with 1 front row, 2 middle row and 3 back row. This formation is suitable for those who want to block AoE because the middle is quite empty.

Then Blackholethis lineup is suitable for those who own heroes with good damage and support skills because their position is more dominant in the back.

Then Starcloudthis lineup is suitable for gamers who want full damage, can be placed in the middle row and the tank will fill the front and support the rear.

Finally Terminator, this lineup is quite balanced so it doesn’t overwhelm each hero. There are also Photon Opposite of Blackhole and Reverse as opposed to Origin.

Use code Digital Girls: Idle RPG

Digital Girls: Idle RPG codes give players tons of resources to upgrade their heroes and gear, to make their squad stronger and win over their enemies.

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