Diablo Immortal tips for beginners

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The Diablo series of games has stood on the throne of the action role-playing genre for decades, beating many opponents that want to challenge it, and the launch of Diablo Immortal further cements its position at the top. Satisfying both PC and mobile players is a difficult thing to do, but Diablo Immortal certainly gets the job done.

Super product RGP action slashing action Diablo Immortal
Super product RGP action slashing action Diablo Immortal

Whether you are familiar with Diablo Immortal or a new player, learning the game is very important because this hack and slash game has a lot of hidden things. Besides understanding character classes, players need to keep themselves alive in dungeons, level up equipment to fight in PvP, and more. In this article, let’s learn some Diablo gameplay tips. Immortal helps gamers seize some advantage when entering the dark world.

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Diablo Immortal tips for beginners

Test the strengths of each class

At the start of the game, the player must choose 1 from 6 classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer and Wizard. Some classes, like Barbarian, specialize in violent melee attacks, while others, like Wizards, are suitable for long-range battles thanks to their use of elemental magic. All 6 classes are possible, although some are a bit simpler.

For example, the Necromancer is a very versatile wizard capable of becoming a skeleton-centric pet class, a monster that defends with a bone wall, or an AoE chain reaction nightmare using Corpse Explosion. Some classes may be better than others if minimized for PvP or PvE, but they all have considerable depth and variety. The best starting choice is whatever the player is interested in.

Skill and flexible build

Although Diablo Immortal doesn’t have many skill trees, it still boasts a wide variety of unlockable powers. As the character levels up, new skills become available and old skills grow stronger. In addition, powerful gear enhances the skill even further, either by buffing existing effects or by replacing them entirely.

It’s natural to find skills you like and develop a strategy around them during the early hours of play, but playing with new skills and building combinations will be beneficial. Even if players don’t think a certain skill will suit their taste and playstyle, it’s worth it to try new skills, as it can reveal unexpected power combinations.

Careful health management

The player has 3 health potions replenished on cooldown. There’s also a short cooldown between potions, so it’s important to be tactical when choosing the right time to deploy them in teamfights. Killing enemies and dealing significant damage to the boss also causes the red health orbs to drop, and collecting them restores health just like using a health potion.

Gamers can get these orbs even after consuming orbs or other health potions. How difficult it is to control health depends on the playstyle and class in the frontline. Whether striking as a Barbarian or standing back and avoiding damage like a Wizard, knowing when to consume a potion, when to snag a health orb, or to retreat completely is an important skill. to survive certain tough battles.

Remove unnecessary equipment

Like other dungeon exploration games, Diablo Immortal offers players a lot of loot. Killing demons, opening chests, and completing quests will drop gold, gems, weapons, and armor.

Immediately after completing the tutorial, players will find their luggage full of items and equipment. In other games, being knocked out with identical swords, shields that are only 1-2 points apart in a stat, and dozens of armor shards would often be unsettling.

Diablo Immortal has a solution for redundant items. Any equipment the player doesn’t need can be forked at a blacksmith, located in the safe zone of the central area.

Doing so will reward the player with scrap items used to upgrade equipment. Upgrading equipment requires a significant amount of materials, so players should take every item they can and bring back to town to destroy.

Side quests provide quick rewards

While it’s tempting to fully focus on the main story, plowing through quest after quest, there are good reasons to temporarily step away from the main road and pursue side goals.

Certain parts of the main story are limited, requiring the player to reach a certain level before proceeding. While the main story missions offer substantial rewards for new players, sometimes completing side quests is also necessary to complete the final level before proceeding.

Exploration can reward gamers with gold and treasure, which will help boost their power and make it easier to complete the main quest. Challenge Rift and Bounties can be especially helpful in earning some extra rewards, helping characters grow in strength, and equipping them with specialized equipment to build a character.

Thanks to the daily renewal, Bounties is a powerful source of additional experience. Diablo Immortal also offers daily rewards for playing and killing monsters, which can help gamers take down dangerous enemies from the dungeon.

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