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Received well-received right from the early days of launch, Destiny 2 has always reached the top of the top shooting games , attractive. So what makes gamers love Destiny 2 so much? Let’s find out about the highlights of this game with the following article!


    • Free FPS shooting game on PC
    • Continuation of part 1 with an engaging and in-depth storyline
    • Feel free to choose the mode to play with friends
    • Huge and diverse arsenal: melee, pistols, rifles, shotguns,…
    • Beautiful, impressive 3D graphics bring the best experience

I. Destiny 2 Details

  • Genre: FPS , Action
  • Graphics: 3D
  • Mode: Online
  • Age: 16 years old and up
  • Publisher: Bungie
  • Platform: Windows
  • Release date: October 1, 2018
  • Game price: Free

II. Plot

The setting in Destiny 2 takes place after the Rise of Iron event of part 1. At this time, the Red Legion under the leadership of the tyrant Dominus Ghaul has attacked the last stronghold of mankind – The Last City . Even more disadvantageous, when the Guardians lost their strength in the previous part, they could not fight and were forced to flee.

Destiny 2

Meanwhile, a Guardian is tasked with finding and assembling three members of the Vanguard organization . Includes Zavala – currently on Titan ; Ikora Rey – hiding in Io and Cayde-6 – who fled to Nessus . When they gathered at The Farm , they discussed and concluded that in order to save The Last City, the only way was to minimize the power of Almighty., preventing it from destroying the Sun. Finally, the coalition Guardian – Vanguard has returned to Earth together and the war has now really begun. So will the Guardian get back The Last City? Let’s explore this fascinating story in Destiny 2 play!

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III. Gameplay Destiny 2

1. Gameplay

Players will choose one of the following 3 Guardians: Hunter, Warlock and Titan. Right from the start, players have to face a large army of Red Legion (number and difficulty will increase gradually). Players will take advantage of what they have: weapons, skills, judgment, and their precise handling of situations to destroy all enemies that stand in their way.

Because it’s an open-world game, so if you’re bored with the intense gunfights, you can choose the adventure gameplay, explore every corner of the game to satisfy your curiosity as well as relieve stress.

PvE . mode

PvE . mode

2. Mission

Quests will appear a lot on the map (both online and offline). When you complete all the main tasks, you have basically completed the game. Side quests will help players understand more about unfinished characters or events in the main story, hunt for resources to level up and power up to make the main quest easier. easier.

Complete missions to receive attractive rewards

Complete missions to receive attractive rewards

3. Characters

A character that will represent and be controlled by the player. There are 3 characters to choose from. In it, each character will have a unique set of skills.

Titan: Has a sacred play on defense, always rushing to the front line to protect teammates in the back line.



Hunter: is the most mobile character class, has an agile movement speed and is suitable for those who like fast-paced gameplay.



Warlock: Has magical power, a sacred attack in terms of damage, but compensates for its poor mobility and no high resistance.



4. Map

The map in the game is extremely large. Players can go to any planet in the Solar System to receive quests. Each planet will have its own unique context that helps stimulate players’ curiosity, making them spend more time exploring.

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5. Weapons

This is probably the feature that players are most interested in. Destiny 2 possesses thousands of different weapons divided into categories: melee, pistol, rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle. Promises to bring players the most epic explosions.

The arsenal of weapons in the game is diverse including melee, pistols, rifles, shotguns, ...

The arsenal of weapons in the game is diverse including melee, pistols, rifles, shotguns, …

IV. Graphics – Sound

1. Graphics

Modern and extremely realistic 3D graphics will immerse players in the vast universe created by the publisher. The graphic background is very sharp and vivid, from the majestic natural scenery, the massive palatial constructions to the character’s every movement. Besides the context, each different planet will have a separate flora and fauna and enemies to help create novelty for players to avoid boredom.

Top notch graphics

Top notch graphics

2. Sound

The music of the game has a melody that changes with each mission to help increase the player’s fighting spirit. However, when the player is fighting, there will be no background music. This helps players to hear clearly the sounds from the match, from which they can judge and come up with the most accurate solutions to handle the situation.

V. Detailed Windows Configuration

  • Operating System: System Windows® 7 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 10 64-bit
  • Card đồ họa: Processor Intel® Core™ i5 2400 3.4 GHz or i5 7400 3.5 GHz / AMD Ryzen R5 1600X 3.6 GHz
  • Memory:  8 GB RAM
  • Card màn hình: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 4GB or GTX 1060 6GB / AMD R9 390 8GB Memory 8 GB RAM
  • Minimum capacity: 105 GB

Hope the above article has helped you get more information about the exciting features of the great game Destiny 2. Let’s download this fascinating game to experience and don’t forget to share your highlights with us. Wish you happy gaming!

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