Deceit tips for beginners

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Deceit is a thrilling multiplayer horror game, as a fun test of investigative and deceiving skills, as 2 infected players attempt to eliminate 4 healthy players before they escape. Human behavior is a very difficult thing to predict and this game can be quite complicated even in the role Innocent (Innocent) or Infected (Infection).

If you want to improve your skills and start mastering the game, there are a few tips you can apply right away to improve your abilities and win. Whether infected or innocent, read on for Deceit tips for beginners.

Always carry the antidote

Players will always want to know where the antidote is and ideally carry it with them. Antidote is an effective tool for survival if playing a role Innocent and remove the potential threat if the antidote is in his possession as Infected.

It also means that people put themselves in danger by letting someone see them take the antidote, becoming the target of Infected and reveal yourself to Innocent another when refusing to save one of his teammates. In this case, simply track its position and use the information to your advantage.

Never reveal where the antidote is

Once you have the antidote or know who has it, never reveal where it is. The infected will hunt anyone who has or knows where the antidote is, so pointing out its location will make you a target.

Is one Infected, the player does not want anyone to know he has the disease because it will become suspicious when not using the drug. Just keep the information to yourself and see how things go when it’s time to use the antidote. If you have it, be very careful when saving one Innocent other.

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Announcement of his death

Is one Innocent, players will need to let their teammates know when they’re down because teammates can run in and give the antidote. Saying you’re dead and where you are increases your chances of being healed.

If Infectedgamers will want to let their teammates know that they are failing because they can rush in and save you from Lethal Injection in the final stage. At least they know where the player dies to ambush or wait for the opportunity to come.

Using a knife

It’s important to move quickly to get the items you need or hunt Innocent are targeting. When you need to move quickly, running with a knife will make everyone move faster.

It does give a little speed boost, but enough to save precious seconds when getting an antidote without being seen, taking a sip from a health bag, or creating some distance between yourself and hostile players. Just be aware that it will take some time to switch to another gun or item to use.

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