Dead Island 2: Tips for surviving Hell-A

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Dead Island 2 has a lot to play with, tons of zombies and new challenges waiting. From hoarding cash and ingredients to the most useful fighting techniques that help maintain health, this article will bring you… Dead Island 2 survival tips through Hell-A. With this information, gamers will easily fight the monsters that roam the streets of Hell-A, avoid being killed and become part of the undead team.

Collect all kinds of weapons

Players will encounter a large number of weapons 2 in their quest to kill zombies in Dead Island 2, which are easy to spot due to their auras, with colors indicating their rarity, so collect them all! chief.

Characters can carry up to 16 weapons, so keep the most valuable ones, which you can use as spare parts, store them in storage, and sell them to the next trader you choose. will meet.

Weapons can be scrapped for parts through the inventory, which is helpful to ensure gamers always have enough crafting parts to apply their favorite abilities.

Check Unclaimed Property to find lost weapons

When accessing Storage Lockercheck tab Unclaimed Property as this is where any special weapons the player may have missed in the quests, or the rewards have no place in the inventory to claim.

They usually have the right stats and mods so it’s worth investigating. However, if they don’t improve their current gear, move them to inventory and sell them to traders for quick cash.

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Don’t choose weapons purely based on strength

When choosing a weapon, many gamers will be attracted by the stats Power (power) large displayed next to it. Let’s look at the other stats, because although damage is important, it should also be considered Force (how much stamina the character will consume from the enemy) and Speed if you don’t want to wait a long time between attacks.

Elemental upgrades are also an important consideration, as some zombies are immune to certain elemental damage and weapons will barely affect them, even if you hit them with a super large weapon. strong.

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