Dead Cells tips for beginners

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Dead Cells is rated as one of the TOP hardest Metroidvania games for hardcore gamers. At the beginning of the game, the player may think that it is almost impossible to get through it. However, Dead Cells is more accessible than most games of the same genre, as long as the player can grasp some of the key points.

While it is possible to discover on your own after plowing through the game, the following Dead Cells tips will certainly be useful when reducing the difficulty of the game and improving the player’s skills.

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Dead Cells tips for beginners

Things to unlock first

New players can feel overwhelmed by the options when first approaching the blueprints. However, people do not need to think too much, but choose common improvement General Upgrades whenever possible. These are upgrades that will last a long time, offering healing potions, gold, and the ability to recycle useless weapons. These unlocks are all beneficial and will always be beneficial.

Unfortunately, gamers can’t simply unlock everything General Upgrades right from the start. Some will require unlocking a specific number of items first. So people will need to start buying something else and that’s the starting point of the strategy.

Exploration requires Rune

If you’ve played Moon Studio’s Ori series and know that aside from Dead Cells’ dubious dead ends and monoliths, paths are accessible by power-ups. The question is whether gamers will get them through game progress or by actively searching.

Dead Cells’ abilities are unlocked as Runes, and they are found through both natural progression and exploration. After familiarizing yourself with The Collector and how to conquer a biome, feel free to explore every nook and cranny. In addition to challenging cracks and scrolls, players will likely stumble across elite enemies guarding a Rune. 4 of the 8 Runes will open potential paths to the final boss and a few extra reels to collect.

Equipment should be unlocked

While working to unlock the General Upgrades, everyone will need to unlock some equipment. These are essentially weapons such as swords, bows and traps, which, once unlocked, will appear in the game world at random.

When deciding which devices to unlock, read their descriptions carefully. To be honest, some of the equipment is really bad, for example Spartan Boots only costs 5 Cells but the performance is poor and should not be included in your item inventory.

Focus on items that can easily cause effects. Infantry Bow deals critical hits when using it near the enemy, while Blood Sword always deals bleeding damage. Things to avoid is to collect are The Impaler or Spartan Boots because they all have too conflicting environmental requirements to be relied upon.

If you accidentally unlock something that you really don’t like to use, you can always recycle those worthless items to get more gold when you buy them (as long as it’s unlocked). General Upgrades there).

Not too hasty

Dead Cells suggests players should quickly progress through levels, most obviously a series of doors that will automatically lock after a certain amount of time. However, if you ignore these things, the game will be much more convenient.

When playing a lot and becoming more familiar with the previous levels, people can zoom in on things much faster. But even then, players could still miss out on some corners of the world, not to mention putting themselves in more risky situations. So calm down, don’t rush and take the time to get more Cells and overall equipment.


The easiest way to dive into Dead Cells is to use traps. The most recommended ones are the Sinew Slicer and the Double Crossb-o-wmatic, as they are automatic turrets that will fire at any enemies within range. Paired with monsters that increase the cooldown and can remove these traps every 3 or 4 seconds.

The interesting thing about traps is that the player leaves some traps and then retreats, causing enemies to target that trap, making them a good distraction.

Change control

If you are playing Dead Cells with a controller, you should make a small change to the default scheme. Specifically, swap dodge to the left and place the health button on the rightmost node. The reason is that dodging plays an extremely important role in Dead Cells and the finger should basically always be on this button. Having to move the thumb to a far position slows things down and inevitably leads to a few unnecessary taps.

Read the item description carefully

It’s usually safe to replace a level 3 crossbow with a level 4 crossbow, but be sure to read the weapon information carefully before leaving behind a favorite. Some of the equipment’s passive abilities will have unfortunate results, such as increasing the damage taken by the character by 100%.

Some of these passive perks are displayed as icons above the character’s head, but they’re never really explained, so be sure to find out what weapons and items you’re carrying Take advantage of abilities and avoid unnecessary debuffs.

Invest in powerful weapons

Many people want to unlock as many weapons as possible, but really consider focusing on some great value items in the shop when they come out. Later upgrades to health potions will consume a lot of resources, but they are totally worth it.

In addition, a vendor appears after defeating the boss, offering a chance to get rare items. effectively increase that item like from level 2 to level 4. This percentage increase will take a lot of time, but do it whenever a supplier shows up.

Research Monsterpedia

On the way to the boss, the player will travel through different biomes, encountering unique monsters native to the region. New biomes will introduce one or more types of enemies to hinder player progress.

Enemies in Dead Cells range from simple to frantic. Seeing a strange monster walking on his escape route was terrifying with little health and a lot of cells. The best way to conquer an area’s speed and strategy is to study its enemy range.

Track them from a safe and vantage point or probe their attack patterns with ranged weapons, observing speed and range to find the right strategy. Effective research is the only surefire way to confidently perform the task or meet that perfect door claim without compromise.

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