Dave the Diver: Tips for scuba diving and building a sushi restaurant

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Dave the Diver brings players into the great experience of doing 2 jobs at the same time, that is becoming a diver and running a sushi restaurant. Players take on the role of the main character, who will daily dive for fish in the Blue Hole, as well as run the restaurant Bancho Sushi in the evening.

Dave the Diver has a lot to know, such as diving too deep can cause Dave to die due to lack of oxygen, losing all but one of the items he recovered in Blue Hole. The following tips will help players scuba dive and fish effectively, run a sushi restaurant smoothly in Dave the Diver.

Upgrade Dave’s wetsuit and weapons

Players can use the gold earned from profits at the Bancho Sushi restaurant to buy various upgrades for wetsuits and weapons. This is a key part of making progress in Dave the Diver, not only allowing players to dive longer and deeper, but also allowing for more effective defense against the dangerous stuff in the Blue Hole.

Spending more time diving in the Blue Hole also makes players more likely to find treasure chests and rare, valuable fish for sale at Bancho Sushi. Therefore, gamers should prioritize upgrading their in-game equipment as soon as possible.

Choose items to save when you are unfortunate enough to die

When dying in Dave the Diver, the player will only be able to keep some of the items they found or recovered while diving that day. Therefore, choosing the right items to keep after death is extremely important.

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Players should consider whether they would benefit from keeping a particular fish, which is part of the best-selling menu item at Bancho Sushi, or should keep some found treasures. Think carefully about what items to keep after death.

Use Dave’s Phone to Maximize Productivity

Dave’s mobile phone is full of handy apps and features to help players maximize their game success. The player can contact Dave’s friends, who provide tips and suggestions for any quests or goals he needs to complete by a certain date.

In addition, the application Email and To-do List very useful to gather information about different fish species present in Blue Hole. The player will unlock the app iDriver that Dave uses to upgrade his gear, which is important to get the most out of the game.

Learn how to pour a perfect cup of green tea

Green tea is a great way to make money in Dave the Diver, as long as the player can learn how to use it effectively. The amount of gold Dave earns for a cup of green tea is really based on how perfect it is when pouring it, cups that are too full or incomplete are worth much less than a perfectly poured cup of tea.

Pouring green tea doesn’t take long either, so it’s a great way to maximize your gold earnings for a night of service at Bancho Sushi. Practicing pouring green tea until you can make it perfectly is well worth the effort.

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