Curse of the Dead Gods tips for beginners

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Curse of the Dead Gods is an excellent roguelike game, full of difficulty and challenge in a gritty and complex world. Beautiful but equally terrifying temples filled with monsters and traps await players.

With such difficulties, the following tips will help novice Curse of the Dead Gods get used to, avoid being constantly punished by the game’s mechanics, and have a better start.

Practice the fundamentals

In most roguelike games, the player can rush straight in and keep plowing until they hit the final boss. But in Curse Of The Dead Gods, people will need to rethink that and pay a little attention if they want to survive because controlling the battle can make things a lot easier.

Use appropriate attacks for each target, such as ranged attacks if you don’t want to get too close to any of the Aztec monsters. In addition, combining them together will help chain a variety of serious damage, and have smooth attacks, dashes, smashes, dodges.

Not all curses are bad

One of the core game mechanics of Curse Of The Dead Gods is the typical Hexes that gamers will encounter. Every time the ruler Corruption At 100, a new gauge will drop when the player enters a new room.

However, not all of them are bad, because while there are many detrimental curses, there are also some that are beneficial, which can help win some additional rewards.

For example, Blinding Greed makes gold disappear faster but increases the amount received. So if quickly collected, people can get quite a lot of money. There are also Dark Swiftness makes the player invisible when dodging, perfect for some of the riskier boss fights. However, Perfect Dodges no longer restores Stamina, so everyone will need to play more cautiously.

Final, Sincere Offering Swap Corruption for Health when selected Blood Offeringa powerful reward that can easily counter the cost of having a weapon or health-regenerating perk.

Do not spam avoid

Anyone who has played roguelike tends to constantly use the dodge button. In most games, frequent dodging helps people avoid attacks and can often save lives in skirmishes, when there’s a lot of bullets flooding the screen. However, sticking to that strategy when playing Curse Of The Dead Gods will get gamers killed quickly.

Dodging is bound to a durability bar, so people can only launch it a few times and need to let it recover. It can be filled faster with Perfect Dodges, but also means more risk. Ideally, gamers should have a backup Stamina Pip as a safety net to avoid attacks.

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