Cult of the Lamb: List of seeds and how to collect

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After watching the Farm Building Guide in Cult of the Lamb, it’s time for players to find seeds to start farming. The humble little farmhouse was one of the first structures Lamb could build, and it would be useless without seeds to plant.

By the time the friendly NPC Ratau shows up to give the protagonist the proper space for the new temple and place to live, Lamb will have some seeds.

In this article, let’s learn about the types of seeds available and how to find them in Cult of the Lamb, extremely useful for cooking, construction and other spiritual activities if planted and cared for well. .

How to collect seeds in Cult of the Lamb

Falling from the enemy: When a player is defeated, materials such as bones and flesh will drop, but this is not where Lamb will find the seed. Sowing plants, even humble blades of grass, will yield not only flowers or vegetables, but their seeds as well.

Provider: There are several vendors in Cult Of The Lamb and players can purchase seeds from some of them. A vendor selling only seeds and vegetables appeared outside the Anchordeep gate.

Possesty: When Lamb builds the Offering Statue, cultists can leave almost any random item there as a gift to their beloved leader. Here, building materials and gold are more common than seeds.

List of seeds

The farming process in Cult of the Lamb is very simple. All plants require the same level of care and watering without the hassle of placing them in certain areas or harvesting at different times.

Tools like the scarecrow, available with the Cult II upgrade, will help protect new crops against hungry birds. Seed Silo and Farmer Station can also be upgraded, prompting Followers to grow and harvest.

Camellia Seeds

How to find: Cut down planted Camellia to collect both flowers and seeds for this ornamental plant. It is one of the first seeds that Lamb will find on the journey and is very popular in Darkwood.

UsesMature Camellia is a great way to beautify a cult complex with various decorations and flower beds, but it’s also a necessary building ingredient for Healing Bay. Once the Healing Bay is built, a certain amount of Camellia is needed to heal a sick person.

Berry Bush Seeds

How to collect: Lamb will find these at the beginning of his journey. This is one of the first trees that can be harvested or cut down during the initial tutorial.

Uses: Basic Berry Bowl only requires Berry Bush and has a much lower chance of making Followers sick than other dishes of this level.

Cauliflower seeds

How to collect: Cauliflower seeds are usually found after Lamb defeats Seket, the ruler of Asuna. Follow the food icons to find them and some other useful seeds. Seed providers are now also available outside of Anchordeep.

Uses: As the main ingredient in some higher level dishes to keep people happy and healthy. Cheery Cauliflower Chowder has a 25% chance of causing its followers to drop resources instead of droppings, and only a 5% chance of causing disease.

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