Cult of the Lamb: Effective ways to make money

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In Cult of the Lamb, Faith and Devotion That’s great, but it can’t buy building materials or food, and everything requires money. One of the challenges to building a successful church is keeping the vault full. There were times when Lamb had to choose between money and Devotionwith give and take options.

There are many options when it comes to collecting gold, like crafting from scraps or gold bars. Lamb could even build a guild of capitalists and materialists if he wanted to, but even a cult based on the nobility of poverty would need a few pennies.

With the importance of money in this game, let’s find out the most effective ways to earn money Cult of the Lamb gamers need to know.

Choose certain teachings

As a cult leader, part of how players decide what kind of cult they will build is through the power of their sect. Doctrines. Some of these refute the concept of personal property. For example, there are people who value work and revenue-generating vehicles more than spiritual growth.

The following doctrines are best for making money in Cult of the Lamb:

  • Inspire: This generates more revenue later when the Inspiration boards are maxed out and Loyalty converts to coins.
  • Tax Enforcer: Choose between money and at Loyalty at level 4 of Law & Order. On the money side is the Tax Enforcer, where 1 Follower is assigned to collect 1/10th tax annually from others.
  • Extort Tithes: Every option in the Possession category is useful for making money or increasing the material aspects of the cult. This is one of the best and most reliable way to earn regular gold, generating 2 gold coins per Follower per day.
  • Ritual of Enrichment: At level 3 of Possession, Lamb can take or give away. The obvious choice for those looking to optimize gold is the Ritual of Enrichment, in which all followers pour money into the savior.
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Sell ​​resources with Ritual Chest

One Who Waits will speak directly to Lamb when a milestone is reached, usually defeating one of the Bishops. After defeating the first Bishop, he will return Lamb to his lair and announce a new feature for the cult, Ritual Chest.

Lamb can trade anything in his inventory for gold with a Ritual Chest, with some items being more valuable than others. Raw resources are the cheapest, followed by seeds, then plants. Fish is the most valuable item a Lamb can sell, with octopuses going for 50 gold each.

Maximize Divine Inspiration

Lamb uses Divine Inspiration Collected from temples and followers to upgrade blueprints and plans for the ideal cult. However, this only happens up to a certain point and then Inspiration rewarded to Lamb in the form of coins.

This means that every temple across the region, not just Lamb’s campus, has become a coin generator. At the time the tables of Divine Inspiration filled, Lamb will have devotees everywhere he can visit.

Examples include Mushroomos, with a small temple now housed in Sozo’s chamber, the Light Pilgrim worshiping in the lighthouse, or the warehouse near Ratau’s Lonely Shack.

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