Construction Simulator: Tips for running a construction company

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Video games are a great way to experience a wide variety of lives that are unmatched in real life. Players can become soldiers, warriors, racers, athletes, explorers, … without having to spend their whole life on such a journey.

With simulation games and simulation games, players can do whatever they want. And Construction Simulator is a game that allows gamers to play the role of the boss of a construction company. In this article, learn Construction Simulator tips to become the town’s top construction company manager.

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Construction Simulator: Tips for running a construction company

Turn off traffic violations

This may not seem true to the game’s most realistic simulation of building construction, but there are some settings that only hinder the player’s experience.

Some games may boast very advanced AI, but Construction Simulator does not fall into that category. So it’s best for players to turn off traffic violations to avoid getting fines all over the place, as they can pile up and hinder business growth.

Increase contract scope

Certainly players will start with a lower scope of work to keep things easy and simple, but should take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the activities. Then gradually increase the scope of work as it is more profitable.

Players will find that there are some jobs that offer double returns for only a small increase in contract scope and time, thereby delivering greater value to the work in progress.

Buy or rent equipment

While it’s better to buy and keep everything in stock so it’s ready to use whenever needed, this will be hard to do until the player earns a lot of cash.

The best way to deal with this is to determine what the most common operations are. The most used, loved equipment, such as cranes, should be purchased. Meanwhile, occasional equipment such as drilling machines should be rented to save costs.

Note with rental equipment should not forget to return it after completing the work, as it will cause the player to be charged extra rent because it is not even usable next time.

Get skills that match the gameplay

Construction Simulator has a great range of skills that players can use to upgrade. These skills allow for faster development, better work and easier construction. A highly recommended skill is Good Business Senseallowing players to earn more money for everything they do.

Players can combine this skill with skills that focus on saving money and improving efficiency. In addition, increasing the amount of space combined with increasing the speed of some common operations is a great way to save time promoting your company.

Move fast

Moving quickly even when not needed is a core element of Construction Simulator. Players can jump from one vehicle to another anytime, anywhere, from one location to another. To really benefit from this feature, this is what players should do in the first hours of the game.

For example, rent a car and just go around the whole map, exploring different places. This may seem a bit tedious, but it will pay off in the long run.

Unlock Foreman

At the start of the game, everyone soon realizes that they can only take on one job at a time. However, this problem can be solved by leveling up.

Select Company from the top bar and explore this section, players will see the company size is divided into small, medium and large. Foreman is unlocked at the following levels, allowing the player to unlock 2 more slots to take on 3 jobs at once.

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