Conan Exiles 2022: Tips to help players survive

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Conan Exiles is a hardcore survival game not for the faint of heart. The first hours are filled with grueling battles, searching for materials, and trying to survive in brutal environments. Starting this game is not an easy task.

Players will need to use every tool at their disposal to get to the point of building a camp and growing it. Players always have to be careful with everything, including other players who can destroy themselves earlier, before becoming friends or allies.

Conan Exiles 2022: Tips to help players survive

Collect at the beginning of the game

The player will start the game in the desert. Alone, hot and desperate for a drink, the player may be tempted to run to the nearest source of water.

Those who do this are missing out on some important obtainable resources. Collecting bushes for yarn, twigs, and rocks will also help craft the first gear.

Retrieving bugs from the bushes will also provide some nutrition while the player burns in the desert sun. All of this will help when the player reaches the oasis filled with vegetation that surrounds the river.

Exact upgrade

Like other games, Conan Exiles allows players to level up to raise their stats and become stronger. Among them, there are very important stats that should be focused on early game: Encumbrance, Strength and Vitality.

Strength will increase attacks, Encumbrance allows the player to carry more items, and finally Vitality helps increase health, which is extremely important when everything is trying to destroy the character. Increasing these stats will help increase the player’s chances of survival.

Build a bed before building a house

At the beginning of the game, everyone just needs to set up the bed, because the construction of the house will come later. Bed plays an important role in every survival game. It marks the location for the player to return to.

Imagine going out into the wilderness, collecting tons of gear, and then dying knowing the way back. Once the player dies, all accumulated precious items will be dropped to the ground for anyone else to pick up. If there is no bed, the player will reappear to his original position.

Don’t get food poisoning

Food poisoning is one of the worst things a character can do because it will last for a while. Part of Conan Exiles requires the player to run around, killing enemies both human and animal, to collect precious flesh.

This meat can be eaten uncooked, but that can have the opposite effect of what gamers want, which is food poisoning.

Instead of eating poisonous raw meat, cooking it will turn that meat into savory dishes that will increase hunger and replenish the character’s health. Remember to never eat anything that is rotten.

The boxes for storing items are very valuable

After creating various tools, collecting tons of resources, players soon find themselves unable to carry everything and some things need to be stored somewhere or thrown away.

Instead of throwing away important items that can be used for future crafting projects, players should focus their attention on crafting boxes to hold that equipment.

Players should also avoid carrying all their equipment with them at all times. This makes it easy for gamers to lose all items if they die. At least when it’s in storage, everyone will know their tools are safe.

Focus on strength, endurance and vitality

The stats in Conan Exiles are quite similar to most other RPGs. However, only a few of those can make the character optimal, so it’s best not to distribute those points blindly.

Instead, players should focus on leveling up Strength (strength) for better fighting and carrying ability. Also, need to increase stats Endurance (endurance) for longer exploratory runs and Vitality (vitality) for general toughness.

Don’t venture far north or west

Conan Exiles usually allows the player to start in a desolate area to the south or southeast of the large world. While it may seem harsh, this is actually the easiest area in the game. If you go north, the player will encounter more difficult enemies.

Conan Exiles doesn’t tell gamers there’s a monster level assigned to every region, and this increases when venturing north and west. So while it’s fun to explore the surroundings, sometimes people will have to settle down in a cozy place in the south to work on the levels, before getting ready for the challenges north.

Avoid encounters

Speaking of enemies, Conan Exiles allows the player to tie up corpses and drag them around. That is in the case of winning, if losing, the gamer will become the one being dragged away.

So the safest way to win encounters is to avoid confrontation. Monsters or enemies have no value, unless they are really needed for meat or an item. Consequences when fighting in Conan Exiles can be expensive, weapons and armor are destroyed, health drops quickly, and corpses can be looted. In short, when you first start playing Conan Exiles, focus on surviving first.

Don’t miss Exiles Journey

If you’re playing with others, leveling up fast is the best way to fight or defend as much as possible. One of the fastest ways to do this is to do a list of main tasks – Exiles Journey.

They provide a large amount of experience, making it easy to level up. Everyone should do Exiles Journey up to level 30, then find other things to do to get to level 60, such as crafting and killing enemies. This will also help get good items. In case you need to level up quickly, gamers can still return to Exiles Journey again.

Do not build a base near an oasis

When building a base, most players want to set up near an area filled with water, like an oasis. In PvP, it’s best not to do that, because this whole area is where the most dangerous people gather.

The oasis is the most obvious choice and is very accessible at the start of the game, so many players build their main base there. However, it is not possible to hide one’s base here and it is also impossible to defend against the fortresses on the mountainside and other areas.

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