Combat tips to overcome Monster Sanctuary

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While Monster Sanctuary takes a lot of inspiration from other monster taming games like Pokemon or Siralim, its combat system is also very different and inaccessible in the same way. Gamers who have played this genre may find the battle system of Monster Sanctuary a bit more difficult than they thought.

Although the combat punishment of this game is quite large, however, gamers will not take long to handle this complex system with the following combat tips to defeat Monster Sanctuary.

Watch for the group’s weaknesses

The status of monsters in the team will have a lot of different changes, one of the things to keep in mind is their weakness. While there are many strong monsters that can be found early in the game, there are also many weaker before some factors.

Such as Vaero, Monk, and Catzerker, all of which are weak to Earth damage, while being resistant to Wind damage. Both the weakness and the resistance of the monster must be taken into account, otherwise the battles will be more difficult, and the player will quickly lose the battle if there are many monsters in the team that share the same weakness.

Create a variety of attacks

The player also needs to make sure that the attacking monsters on the team have various forms of attack. For example, Brutus can only learn Neutral attacks, only taking down a handful of monsters. Compared to Manticorb, Monk and Imori, both have the ability to create a variety of attack elements, although both Manticorb and Imori focus heavily on critical damage.

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Take advantage of Critical hits and Bleed

Critical Damage is a combat factor that no monster is capable of resisting. While many monsters will resist the elements of the attack, or resist chip debuff damage (in rare cases), Bleed is unique in that it is not countered by anything and is a surefire way to ensure players are dealing extra damage.

Monsters like Catzerker and Imori are great at inflicting Bleed thanks to their Critical chance and Critical damage, however, like most other monsters that focus on Bleed, they also have very poor defense and can be killed very quickly if focused too much.

Healer can be an important lifesaver

In Pokemon, healing is often the task of items, as wasting a turn healing an ally isn’t always worth giving up on the damage dealt.

This will be the opposite in Monster Sanctuary which is required if you want to survive in challenging battles. In particular, Champion battles require a healer on the team, as they can attack multiple times in a single turn, and many can also continuously buff themselves to deal more damage than usual.

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