Combat tips in KOF: Survival City

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KOF: Survival City is an action game in which the player must win strategically, including many elements of combat and tower defense. Faced with waves of enemies ready to attack the city at any moment, one must execute a perfect strategy to defeat them by placing characters on the battlefield.

KOF: Survival City Action Game - KOF: Survival City
KOF: Survival City Action Game – KOF: Survival City

Each character has the ability to make them unique and special, it is necessary to upgrade the character’s skills to become stronger. Including the PvP arena, this game has story modes that make it even more interesting.

In this article, let’s learn effective combat tips in KOF: Survival City to help players defeat all enemies to protect the city.

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Build a strong squad

KOF: Survival City is a strategic team game, so it’s important to make sure to build a strong squad. Make sure to choose a variety of characters that can deal massive damage while helping to protect the city. Healing is an important part of the game so make sure all the characters also have some special healing ability.

Use auto-battle

Auto-battle is a most efficient and time-saving way to pass levels. Although it is not the best option, if used wisely, players can easily win in all conditions. Whenever dealing with an enemy, be sure to use auto-combat and only switch to manual control when necessary.

Don’t miss the character pieces

Unlock new characters that give you the perks of building a stronger team. And the best way to unlock a character is to use character shards. Gamers can collect these pieces to get a new character each time. Participating in events and completing daily quests is the only way to collect character shards. Don’t miss them at all costs if you don’t want to miss the chance to have special characters in your party.

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Use combo system

The combo system gives huge advantages like chain attack and more damage. Gamers can do better experimenting with different character combos when using the combo system. It gives a great opportunity to surprise enemies through chain attacks and make the character stronger.

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