City building tips in SimCity BuildIt

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SimCity BuildIt is one of the TOP best city building games. Participating in the game, everyone will build and manage an extremely modern, monumental city with extremely realistic, eye-catching 3D furniture.

Starting by choosing a name for the city, the player will build roads, residential areas, then shops and factories. From those, people will get materials to develop houses, get money and experience, from there to level up and gain access to other areas. In this article, learn SimCity BuildIt’s tips for building and managing a city so it thrives.

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City building tips in SimCity BuildIt

Grow and expand

This is the key process in this whole game. The roads are free to build, so just structure the city and then create as many settlements as possible.

Once that’s done, the player should organize them better, build a few parks to increase the inhabitants, give them what they want and then develop them into bigger parks that give more people, money and experience. Not to mention this also helps get more tax dollars.

Pay attention to the area of ​​influence

It is important for gamers to give their inhabitants what they desire. One of these is safety and security. They go hand in hand, with the construction of a hospital, a fire station or a police station.

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If citizens don’t feel safe then they will leave and certainly no one wants that to happen. So what to do is build many buildings with small influence area or a few large buildings, but be careful that the area of ​​influence covers all residential buildings.

Save money as much as possible

As progress in SimCity BuildIt, many people tend to upgrade their cities with expensive options with the desire to make the city more innovative and modern. To get these options, it is best for players to try to save money on costly services that can effectively meet the needs of citizens.

An example of expensive services is medical services. At the beginning of the game, everyone will be placed in a small clinic. After that, it can be upgraded to a health clinic and if the money in the game is abundant, it will become a large hospital to accommodate more patients.

Keep the factory running continuously

To develop settlements, players need items. Those items take some time to craft by shops or factories, where the factory supplies the core materials needed throughout the game. Therefore, the city cannot exist and develop without factories.

Let’s build as many advanced factories and as far away from residential areas as possible, to avoid pollution affecting people. Whenever getting into a game and not rushing to build something first, create things that don’t take long to complete. Prioritize building things that take hours to complete while offline from the game.

Search for all materials

Diversity in materials is essential to develop the city and upgrade its residential buildings. Although this also requires money and experience, to do that, gamers need to have a variety of materials. So don’t just nail or hammer, dig a little deeper to exploit all the resources available in your city.

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Prioritize educational buildings

As the game progresses, the player needs to construct additional buildings for transportation, betting, entertainment, education, etc. Out of all the additional facilities mentioned, it is more efficient. if gamers focus on building educational buildings first.

Educational buildings can effectively expand the number of citizens to the city. When the city has educational facilities, gamers can promote traffic and other buildings, which attracts more residents to live here.

Upgrade the roads

In addition to factories and services, gamers also need to observe the streets of the city if they need to be upgraded. To see if a certain road needs an upgrade, see its color.

The path to upgrade will turn yellow. Upgrading roads that are orange or have high traffic density can be expensive. It would be best to upgrade a path once it has turned yellow, rather than leaving it orange.

Set up shipments to receive golden keys

In SimCity BuildIt, golden keys can help unlock more advanced buildings, to increase the number of population in the city. To obtain these keys, the player needs to start shipping goods and in every transaction he makes, a golden key will be sent. So keep track of your shipments and also the golden key to quickly increase residents.

Don’t miss the gift bubble

The impressive thing about SimCity BuildIt is that it allows to gain some gifts from nearby cities. These bubbles offer free items, in-game currency, keys, etc. There are some cases where these bubbles contain useful items or goods that the gamer can use to earn money. Upgrade your buildings.

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Don’t miss Daniel’s warehouse

When playing SimCity BuildIt, there will be times when the player meets the mayor of the neighboring city, Daniel. Everyone is free to tour his city and buy necessary goods from there. Although it is still possible to buy some things in Global Trade HQ, it would be more efficient to buy such items in Mayor Daniel’s city as they are quite discounted.

Whenever you start playing SimCity BuildIt, the first thing you should do is check out the cheap items in the city of Mayor Daniel. Check out the items that you feel are useful for the progress of the city. Conversely, gamers can also sell unused items in their inventory and earn extra income.

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