Chronicle of Infinity: Tips to increase your character’s strength

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Chronicle of Infinity is an exciting action MMORPG that puts the player as a guardian of the Astral Alliance tasked with protecting it from the Obsidian Army. Gamers must to strengthen their character during the journey, overcome challenges and defeat all enemies.

In Chronicle of Infinity, it’s important to have a stronger character with the right combat ability as each level requires a minimum combat strength to gauge the player’s ability to pass the stage. Characters can be upgraded by collecting all the resources from the main quest.

However, it will take longer than before to reach maximum potential, so this article will provide tips to help increase strength, upgrade characters in Chronicle of Infinity, help players become stronger. right away.

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Earn resources through Blitz

After completing each level, gamers will receive a set of resources as a reward, which is necessary to improve their combat power. However, some specific items will only appear in specific stages and take a long time.

Everyone can use the mode Blitz to complete the level immediately with the same reward. It will need some energy to Blitz so pay attention to your energy reserves.

Complete side quests

Side quests are additional quests that will appear after achieving specific requirements in your journey and it does not affect the main quest. They will provide the player with a large amount of resources and equipped items. So be sure to complete the side quests.

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Crafting more items

Players can craft items through the workshop to get better items. Items are crafted through crafting cards or using diamonds. There are 2 crafting modes General and Special. Gamers can craft legendary items through Special and items from crafting General used to increase stars for items.

Item Enhancement

There are 3 ways to enhance items in Chronicle of Infinity. The first is the direct enhancement of equipment, which can be done when the specified level is reached, and the levels of enhancement items will be according to the character level.

The second is by tweaking them, requiring specific resources to get through the main campaign. The third is by upgrading the stone that you can get in the shop or through treasure hunting.

Combine items

If you own many of the same items at the same time, you can combine them together to increase the star level and empty the inventory. When reaching the maximum number of stars, gamers can forge them to higher ranks, as General items will upgrade to Epic items and eventually to Mythic levels.

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