Kingdom Guard tips and strategies for beginners

Kingdom Guard is a strategy game in which players will need to build and train an army to protect their kingdom against the invasion of giant Titans, and find the dragons that have strangely disappeared. The game starts to get complicated over time, with loads of extra features that complicate the interface, making it possible … Read more

Tips for playing Gunfire Reborn for beginners

Gunfire Reborn is truly one of the most exciting roguelike indie, role-playing adventure games available today. Joining the game, people can play solo or co-op with up to 4 people, control the character to use weapons to overcome random levels. The main characters in Gunfire Reborn are extremely cute animals More and more players join … Read more

Evil Dead: The Game Survivor Tips

Evil Dead: The Game is a horror, survival role-playing game based on the famous Ghost Tree series. The game offers terrifying violence scenes but is also full of fun with climactic moments, making for a fascinating and bloody time. This game isn’t simply horror, though, to make everyone scream, it’s also filled with layers and … Read more