Cat Snack Bar restaurant development tips

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Cat Snack Bar is a simulation game of building and managing a restaurant with characters are very cute cats. The game allows gamers to upgrade restaurants, mini bars, cat food stalls, sell attractive dishes, while enjoying the game’s artful music and graphics.

Restaurant management simulation game with cute cats - Cat Snack Bar
Restaurant management simulation game with cute cats – Cat Snack Bar

The goal of the player is to attract as many customers as possible, and to quickly and accurately process orders to produce a series of amazing dishes. To do this, continue reading this article and discover Cat Snack Bar tips for beginners that will help players successfully develop a restaurant by understanding the mechanics, goals, and monetary units. bad,…

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Cat Snack Bar restaurant development tips

Resource management

The game currently has 2 main in-game currencies, one of which is gems and the other is called revenue. Gems are considered pay-to-win currency, but they’re also not hard to earn in-game. Gems can be used to increase sales and even buy skins that offer bonus rewards.

Revenue is the actual primary currency of the game, necessary to progress. Players can get them through transactions such as selling dishes to customers and tipping. Gamers can also use these to upgrade shops and advance to the next stages.

Spend Gems Wisely

Gems are a relatively rare currency in the Cat Snack Bar. It’s important for players to know when and where to use them appropriately as they can greatly help progress in the game, especially when investing in skins or merchandise.

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Don’t be afraid to leave the game

A misconception among gamers who are addicted to a game similar to Cat Snack Bar is that it is necessary to work hard to progress faster. While this may be true in some respects, it will only really burn you out and get bored quickly.

The fact is that Cat Snack Bar is an AFK game, so take advantage of the AFK aspect of the game, meaning that players can completely leave the game and still have huge earnings when they return.

Commodities are always a long-term investment

While merchandise seems to bring small bonuses and upgrades to the game, these bonuses can overlap, especially since they are permanent upgrades that will only bring in more revenue than when first purchased.

Constantly upgrading

The only way to earn a lot of coins in a short amount of time is to work hard to level up. Tap the button with the yellow arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen whenever you see the little red icon on it.

This icon suggests that there are new upgrades that will increase everyone’s income. Buy all the upgrades until the list is empty and the message Everything’s been upgraded to perfection is displayed. Cat Snack Bar is a fast-paced idle clicker game, so gamers will have to upgrade non-stop.

Don’t forget to buy cats that help speed things up and attract additional customers. because that also brings more profit. In addition, purchasing acceleration assist to reduce cooking time also helps increase productivity. People can also find certain items in the Leveling up menu that will increase the number of coins earned per serving sold.

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Double your total income

Players can also double the total earnings from all menus for 5 minutes. Just tap the x2 coin button in the bottom left corner of the screen to earn 2x the total earnings from all menus/desktops for a limited time.

Double the earnings unlocked after the player expands his business and unlocks the Donut Stand area. It’s free when first unlocked, but then players will have to watch ads to activate it.

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