Captor Clash tips for beginners

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Captor Clash is a very attractive and addictive role-playing game thanks to its engaging gameplay. The game has many modes, a rich character list, epic battles, and a fascinating journey of discovery and adventure.

The game has a lot of content to explore and challenges to overcome, which can make beginners feel overwhelmed. Therefore, this article will provide tips for playing Captor for beginners, helping beginners get off to a good start and win every match in fiery arenas.

Perform combos

Performing combos is one of the best tips that gamers can use in their gameplay thanks to their ability to deal massive damage to enemies. There are different types of combinations, and in these combinations, the player must perform 3 or more attacks using either normal attacks or skill combinations. In doing so, it will deal damage to enemies many times over, continuously eliminating them much easier.

Therefore, if you want to massively damage the enemy and end the battle quickly without much effort, gamers should perform a variety of combos that combine 2 or more skills and attacks.

Focus on the best heroes

Gamers will have a number of heroes used in Captor Clash, and not all show the best level of power. All characters are diverse with different power levels and if you want the fight to be easier, make sure to use the highest level heroes of Captor Clash.

If you want to have the highest power, choose heroes of S rank and above. They carry the best skills and overall stats and will also be the best units you can use in your playstyle.

Character upgrade

Strengthening the heroes is also necessary to make the character stronger. To level up heroes, gamers need to collect hero pieces in a certain amount. As you level up, all of your character’s attributes will also increase, thereby increasing your chances of defeating all enemies.

The next method of character upgrading is to equip the character with equipment while leveling them up. This will increase the overall strength of the character, and when leveling up the equipment, it will also contribute to their replenishment. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the equipment of the characters while leveling up.

Use code Captor Clash

Leveling up a character or equipment both requires a large amount of resources and upgradeable items. These things are not difficult to find but will require a lot of time to perform the task. Fortunately, gamers can get a great deal of free and fast items by using the code Captor Clash. Captor Clash codes will bring a large number of items for players to freely upgrade their characters, even provide new heroes.

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