Bum Simulator: Ways to make money fast

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Bum Simulator is a sandbox game bursting with humor with memorable characters. Play as a beggar wandering around the city, in addition to daily survival, players can also throw pigeons at people and watch them panic. Gamers can also upgrade the birds and let chaos rule the neighborhood.

The sandbox game simulates the life of a beggar in the city - Bum Simulator
The sandbox game simulates the life of a beggar in the city – Bum Simulator

Daily survival is exhausting so gamers need to have a cozy shelter, build and customize cardboard bases, along with a defense system to avoid attacks by rival gangs. .

This article will provide some quick and easy money making tips in Bum Simulator, making the player’s life as a beggar easier, making his scrap base more sustainable.

Ways to make money quickly in Bum Simulator

Step 1: Build

First, the player needs to place multiple Bum Shelters bases. For $10,000, players will have 15 shelters.

How to build shelter

Go into the skill tree and select the Better Tools skill. This will reduce the material cost of all constructions, saving the player even more.

Everyone will then need 1 Aluminum Sheet, 2 Cardboard and 1 Wood, all of which are easy to collect, allowing the player to begin crafting their first shelter.

Step 2: Buy cigarettes

Go to a store and buy 20 cigarettes for $5. Note that if everyone has built a few shelters, buy another 20 cigarettes.

Step 3: Make money

Now it’s time to lay back and sell Creeps a cigarette for $5. Every time you do this, it will take the player about 30 seconds to get the $5.

So if there are 10 shelters, the player will get $6000 in 1 hour. The more players build shelters, the more money they earn.

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