Build instructions and some perfect formations in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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In Cookie Run: Kingdom, fighting is just as important as managing the kingdom because that’s how the story expands and Crystals are earned. After learning the Cookie Run: Kingdom Beginner Tips, as well as completing a few chapters and accumulating Rare and Epic cookies, start building your team.

Combat in this game involves choosing a team of 5 cookies, each with a unique skill. In PvE, the player must carefully time these skills. Even with a strong team structure, a poorly timed skill and being interrupted by an enemy stun can completely change the game. For PvP mode, all you have to do is create the best possible team to win.

Team building tips in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Teams need to make sure they have a reasonably consistent layout: 2 side cookies, one or two damage cookies, and last but not least, recovery and support cookies. Refer to Cookie Run: Kingdom’s List of Cookies for the location and capabilities of each. Besides, always keep in mind the following tips that will make team building in the game more effective.

Building a reasonable squad is important to win the opponent
Building a reasonable squad is important to win the opponent

Standard lineup

One thing gamers will notice with the majority of teams is the fixed layout: 2 cookies to protect at the frontline, 1-2 cookies to deal damage in the middle, 1-2 cookies to debuff or heal at the end.

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The reason for this familiar lineup is that when building with it, the team’s survival time will be longer. Although cookies are only at the Normal level, they can still work well up to chapter 3.

Applying the standard team model will help the team survive longer using no rare cookies
Applying the standard team model will help the team survive longer using no rare cookies

Build a team that balances roles

A team built without a balance of roles will easily lose in the blink of an eye. Even though the team with the strongest damage cookies in the middle, the one with the guard cookie in front and the healer in the back will only outpace your opponent’s first few attacks.

This shows how important it is to stay alive in a match, as players always need cookies to weaken enemy attacks, cookies to heal teammates, or protect cookies that deal damage.

The PvE of this game is usually a frenzy for quite some time, with some waves getting in the way. Building a balanced team is important, so it would be better to have a pair of Epic-level characters to protect the damage cookies.

For PvP, protection is provided by having at least one character on the frontline and recovery cookies on the team, which are often more valuable than an extra damage cookie.

Frontline plays an important role

Usually, it’s not the presence of more damaging cookies that determines the direction of a team’s attack or defense. It depends on the player’s previous choice of cookies. Dark Choco Cookie and Princess Cookie are persistent debuff characters commonly used in shorter Arena PvP battles.

Purple Yam Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, and Avocado Cookie should be placed in the middle, with AOE attacks that really challenge opponents without being as hard as the skill of a dedicated damage cookie. Milk Cookie and Knight Cookie act as a defensive barrier, diverting attention from cookies such as Espresso Cookie or Poison Mushroom Cookie.

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Using Topping

Knowing how to use Topping makes cookies so much more powerful
Knowing how to use Topping makes cookies so much more powerful

Topping is an extremely important part because it helps to increase the power of cookies, increasing the team’s stats in combat. Players can refer to the Guide to Using Topping effectively in Cookie Run: Kingdom to know how to collect, upgrade and choose the best Topping for cookies.

Also, keep in mind that it’s better to use 5 toppings of the same type on one cookie than to use several different types. A set of the same toppings provides certain bonuses.

Don’t forget to add treasure to the lineup

Old Pilgrim's Scroll is the most powerful treasure in Cookie Run: Kingdom
Old Pilgrim’s Scroll is the most powerful treasure in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Treasures are essential when building a strong battle group. Players should own at least the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll treasure, as it has tremendous power compared to other Epic level treasures. At level 1, it increases the team’s passive attack by 30%.

In addition, the healing cookie’s skill and essential healing abilities are also often extended according to its attack stats. This increases the team’s survivability. To understand the power and how to choose the right treasure, refer to the Treasure Rank List in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Some strong lineups in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom currently has more than 70 Cookie characters and this can make players confused when building the most complete squad for themselves. So, to make it easier, gamers can refer to the following squads divided by Cookie’s ability.

Attack formation

Players can arrange the Cookies in the following order to form the best attacking team. In the front position are Tea Knight Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie in front, in the middle are Eclair Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie. Finally, Pure Vanilla Cookie with Ancient rarity will stay behind to heal teammates.

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In this lineup, Tea Knight Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie are capable of dealing amazing damage, while Eclair Cookie plays a powerful support, making it the best combination for a complete squad.

Defensive formation

To form the best defensive team in Cookie Run: Kingdom, place Cookie characters to fight in the following order.

First, place the Hollyberry Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie in the front as they offer the best protection against brutal enemy attacks.

Next, in the middle of the squad will be Frost Queen Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie, with the role of defending against attacks and placing Cotton Cookie at the end of the row. This combination of cookies is the best when it comes to the best defense formation in this game.

Balanced lineup

A balanced formation requires members to have both offensive and defensive skills in equal proportions. Therefore, choose cookies that have both skill and ability to make the best use of them.

Gamers need to unlock, then arrange GingerBrave Cookie and Kumiho Cookie in front because they have the ability to deal maximum damage by finishing off all enemies that appear on the way.

Super rare Legendary level characters – Sea Fairy Cookie and Frost Queen, will be in the middle for the best support as they have a very good kill rate. Finally, Almond Cookie will be behind because it has a special skill that when used will lock all enemies.

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