Brotato game tips for newbies

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Brotato is a cool, unique roguelite game revolving around the super fun alien shooter potato hero, which is being opened to players in early access on PC (Early Access). In the game, you control a potato fighting on an alien planet. Players can choose from one of the many Brotato potato gunners, each of whom can use up to six weapons simultaneously to take out enemies, taking them down with ease.

Although it looks simple on the surface, Brotato is quite challenging. You’ll experience frenzied gameplay, fighting to survive multiple waves of furious enemy attacks lasting 60 seconds to reach the final boss battle. New players may find it difficult to deal with the intensity of the game’s intense attacks.

Brotato Game Tips

Enable manual targeting

Brotato is similar to Vampire Survivors in that both are top-down arena shooter rogue-lite games. However, Brotato has a different setting than Vampire Survivors. If you go to the menu, you’ll find you can enable manual targeting.

Enable manual targeting

By default, Brotato will shoot the target automatically. This feature is quite useful in some cases, but often you will aim at enemies far away or miss. If you switch to manual aiming, you can adjust the direction and have more accuracy when aiming at enemies with the pointer. However, this decision is entirely up to the individual preferences of the player.

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Avoid the corners

All Brotato maps are square with four corners. As the waves of enemy attacks become more and more intense, it is difficult for players to avoid being surrounded by enemies. At that time, you should move in circles to avoid them getting too close.

Avoid the corners

While frantically moving around the minimap and dodging bullet hell from enemies, it’s easy for players to accidentally back into a corner with no way out. This action will inevitably lead to death. Therefore, by all means, you need to avoid staying in the corner for too long and should constantly move to improve survivability.

Collect all the fruits

Occasionally, a green fruit drops from enemies or trees. These are called Life Fruits and are one of the few self-healing methods in Brotato other than the Life Steal and Health Regen stats. Picking these up while full of blood can be quite fun.

Save all the fruit

If the player is injured, these Fruits of Life will be sucked back to the player’s location to heal them. It is best to collect and save these Fruits for emergencies.

Don’t underestimate turrets or mines

If you consider turrets or mines as one of your potential item options, buy them. These two items randomly appear at the blue crosses at the start of an attack.

Don't underestimate turrets or mines

Turrets are an additional weapon in the player’s arsenal that can help clear the battlefield. Mines are also a great area attack tool. If you are being chased by a large group of enemies, you can easily drop them into a minefield.

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There are also some other variations of the turret, the Medical Turret, which is extremely useful for helping players stay healthy.

Focus on indicators

Like most games of its kind, stats are very important in Brotato. Players must pay attention to the hero’s stats and what they are aiming for with each item upgrade. Some indicators are easy to understand while others are more difficult to understand.

Focus on indicators

For example, you don’t know that the Evasion stat helps you avoid taking damage, even when walking through crowds of enemies. All weapons and items are classified into 4 rarity levels: black (common), blue (rare), purple (epic) and red (legendary).

Players can increase their stats by looking at weapon and item keywords in the shop. Each item will have player-specific positive stats and sometimes a negative modifier for rebalancing. Depending on the chosen Brotato, you need to carefully consider how to build your combat. Some heroes specialize in melee combat while others use ranged weapons better. Some stats will hinder or assist Brotato in the following waves of enemies. However, Speed ​​is always a good stat to maintain distance from aggressive enemies.

Difficulty adjustment

Some gamers can conquer difficult levels to prove their ability, while others can’t. In Brotato, you can adjust the difficulty to suit your level of play.

Adjust the difficulty of playing Brotato

Brotato difficulty can be adjusted in the settings and it is more complicated than choosing between easy, medium and hard. This tweak has options where the player can change the enemy’s speed, health, and damage to suit him. If you want more difficulty and like more of a challenge, you can increase the difficulty at your own risk.

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