Blade Runner tips for beginners

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Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is the latest project of Nightdive Studios. It is a remake of the 1997 game by Westwood Studios and is currently playable on consoles.

This means a lot of new players try it for the first time. Whether you’re a veteran of the series, eager to rediscover iconic locations, or simply a new player looking to discover the game’s attractions, here’s a look at the Blade Runner tips and tricks to get the best out of this legendary point-and-click game.

Talk to every character

Players should talk to every character they meet in Blade Runner. This game has a detective story in which the main character tries to get to the bottom of the mystery by collecting clues.

The main way to accomplish this quest is to extract information from other suspects and characters. Unlike Rick Deckard, Ray McCoy is quite new at work, but making up for his lack of experience is a great conversational ability. So use this to your advantage when trying to track goals by finding all the leads and leads.

Scan each location for clues

Blade Runner is a point-and-click adventure game, which means gamers will travel through several environments filled with people and interactive objects. However, these are not always clearly marked so it is easy for players to miss one of those elements.

Therefore, a technique that should be applied frequently to ensure nothing is missed is called pixel hunting. To do this, gamers need to use their mouse to hover over every inch of the screen, until the mouse pointer changes, signaling an interactive area.

This operation is quite tedious but sometimes necessary to avoid getting stuck, so it is definitely a technique gamers should apply last in some difficult cases.

Take advantage of all available tools

During the investigation, the player will need to sift through quite a few clues and other relevant information. This is where the Knowledge Integration Assistant (KIA) comes in, a database that helps keep track of all the information gamers have collected.

Occasionally, people will also need to look through field photos using the ESPER system, allowing them to be enhanced to gather hidden information. There will then be action to determine if the suspect is a clone, done using the Voight-Kampff Machine. All these tools form part of the game loop in Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition and know which tools to use in the investigation.

Review locations before new information

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition uses a central world in which the player can freely move between multiple locations using a hovercar. So gamers can move back and forth between the LAPD and a crime scene, or choose to go somewhere else entirely if they feel like they’ve exhausted all available options.

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