Bear and Breakfast: Tips to increase resort income

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Bear and Breakfast players will get more money if they build the perfect resort. And to get a better resort, gamers must increase the prestige level (Prestige) of each room and area.

People can do this by going to the front desk, it is provided. Also, the front desk will tell you the level of decoration Decoration Level and reputation level Prestige Level.

Resort management simulation game - Bear and Breakfast
Resort management simulation game – Bear and Breakfast

Decoration Level is the growth factor Prestige step by step and there are many ways to increase Decoration. The main goal when trying to achieve Prestige Level High in the resorts is to decorate the facilities from top to bottom and ensure the highest quality of interactive furniture.

In this article, learn tips on how to level up Bear and Breakfast’s resorts for more profits.

Decoration Level Up Decoration Level

By interacting with reception, players will have an overview of the levels, assess the mission and requirements of the resort. It also provides an overview of each room. To do this, the gamer must interact with the nearby crafting table, which is linked to the resort.

While in crafting mode, simply click on one of the rooms, whether it’s a bathroom or a bedroom, to see an overview of the number of guests currently staying there. It will tell about Decoration Level the room itself, as well as any additional benefits cards such as Hygiene or Pampered.

This will help keep track of which rooms are missing so they can be upgraded to ensure guest satisfaction and Prestige higher. In the tab Score of the room overview, gamers can see which specific items in the room are attributed to Decoration Level.

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Buy decorations from Took

Shop Took’s Garbage provide decorative items for the resort. Took is a raccoon NPC that the player will soon encounter and has a Took’s Garbage near each active resort location.

Gamers use Valuable to buy decorations from this store. Valuable are pieces of trash found on the ground, ranging from a half-eaten apple to a random dot. Players will know it’s Valuable When interactive button turn on.

Gamers can collect a lot Valuable when cleaning up a new resort or tourist spot. The consistent way to collect Valuable in Bear and Breakfast is to revisit places that guests frequent, like outside the resort, in bedrooms, at bus stops, or around attractions. Every day and every few hours, humans will drop the Valuable in these areas for gamers to collect.

Players can see how many points each item will get Decoration by hovering over them before purchasing. Higher priced items like cuckoo clocks will give points Decoration 10 times more than a level 1 mirror.

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