Battle Tips in Modern Warships

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Modern Warships – Modern Warships is an action game, naval warfare, where players fight each other online or offline with weapons in the form of warships.

Players will become the captain of a modern warship, exquisitely designed and detailed to look like a real ship. The game has a variety of weapons, including rockets, machine guns, rockets, … simulated from real vehicles. To become a talented captain, defeat all the dangers that are approaching your ship, let’s refer to the following Modern Warships combat tips.

Battle Tips in Modern Warships

Always choose USS Hurricane

At the start, the player has the choice to buy 1 of 4 tier 1 ships. Beginners should choose USS Hurricane and not 2 ships of the same tier 1. It is fast, equipped with 2 rocket launchers. and 2 automatic cannons. Moreover, it is the cheapest tier 1 option.

Everyone will also receive a level 2 train as a daily login bonus on day 3 of gameplay. Gamers should not spend money on a new ship before getting a tier 2 ship for free.

Upgrade ships and weapons

Modern Warships allows players to upgrade their ships and weapons. Navigate to the workshop to see the ship’s stats and upgradable weapons. In the early stages, players should not upgrade too much, instead, leave points to upgrade for level 2 or 3 ships.

Trains are upgraded based on a lottery system using upgrade points. The first 3 upgrade positions of the ship stat are 100% effective. However, the upgrade chance drops to 60% after the first 3 slots. When upgrading ships, players should not attempt to upgrade all the positions of a single stat first.

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Instead, only upgrade one position per stat up to 3 times, when the promotion rate is still 100%. Upgrading weapons on ships works similarly. Players can also buy upgrade points with in-game currency, but it’s best to save it for a better ship.

Know all the ways to earn money in the game

Players are offered 30 free gold every 1 hour 24 minutes by watching ads. Watching ads can also help players get $20,000 and 2 upgrade points.

This can be done by tapping on the amount available in the top right corner of the screen. These are very useful because they help speed up the process of buying a more expensive good ship.

The more damage a player deals in battles and destroys more ships, the higher the cash reward received. The amount of coins received for the same damage dealt to enemy ships increases with higher ship levels. The higher the ship level, the easier it is to earn more money in Modern Warships.

Weekly tournaments will be held where the 10 players with the highest damage and the 10 players with the most lives will be heavily rewarded. Tournaments only rank players based on weekly performance, so getting into the top 10 in Modern Warships is tough work.

Beware of battleship ranks

There are 3 tiers in this game that are used to rank ships. Level 1 includes the weakest ships in the game. Using tier 1 ships means the player will be fighting against opponents who also own tier 1 ships. The same goes for tier 2 and 3.

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However, the weapons on the ship are also ranked by tier. If the player has a level 1 ship but is equipped with a level 2 weapon, he will fight an opponent with a level 2 ship. Players should avoid upgrading the weapons of a low level ship to a higher level because the battles will be extremely difficult. towel.

Use some tactics in combat

It would be better to have more allies around when fighting. They will help attack wisely as the player can cooperate and launch missiles against an enemy ship. In addition, gamers can also help defend by intercepting incoming missiles.

People can also hide behind mountains and lands to avoid enemy attacks. When facing an opponent’s cannonball, the player should make sure the locomotive is facing the enemy for minimal damage. In addition, turning the ship only when absolutely necessary as this interferes with the ship’s target tracking system.

When the detected indicator appears on the screen, it will announce that the player is currently the target of an enemy ship. A wise workaround is to stay behind so as not to be easily spotted in the first place.

Finally, players should purchase full repair kits and missile countermeasures in the consumables section. If everyone’s ship is damaged too much, tap the repair kit icon to fix the ship’s problems. Missile countermeasures help reduce the impact of enemy attacks on the player’s ship.

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