Battle tips in Mobile Legends: Adventure

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Mobile Legends: Adventure is an idle role-playing game that requires players to fight in groups, with semi-automatic mechanics. When fighting enemies, gamers will have control over their team’s skills.

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When not playing, heroes will continue the battle against deadly enemies, collecting EXP, battle points, coins and other rewards. After that, everyone can treasure chests for their idle rewards.

As can be seen, fighting is an important mechanism of the game, so this article will provide fighting tips in Mobile Legends: Adventure, helping gamers win every match.

Battle tips in Mobile Legends: Adventure

Regularly launching Ultimate moves

In Mobile Legends: Adventure, each hero has its own Ultimate or special skill. Gamers can unleash Ultimate when the character’s portrait glows during battle. The portrait of a hero is located in the lower right corner of the battle screen.

Using Ultimate will bring a lot of benefits. Some heroes heal or buff all allies, inflicting debuffs on enemies. Many heroes will launch special attacks that deal damage to one or more enemies.

The steady release of Ultimates will allow maximum damage to enemies. Before recruiting heroes into the squad, make sure you know about Ultimate and how to use them.

Perform Ultimate combo

Rolling out regular Ultimate moves is one way to deal with enemies, but unleashing a bunch of Ultimates will give the team the upper hand in battle.

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To launch an Ultimate combo, the player will have to wait for the energy bar of 2 or more heroes to fill up. When you’re ready, quickly tap the portrait to create a combo. While this may result in a few seconds delay compared to regularly using an Ultimate, the combat advantage will be huge.

An Ultimate chain will not give the enemy any chance to attack continuously at least for a few seconds, plus physical or magic damage to the enemy when taking this combo this move will be much more deadly compared to normal attacks.

Gamers can also wait for all heroes’ mana bars to fill up and then launch consecutive ultimatums to deal maximum damage, but this can be a bit risky if the enemies are stronger, as they will continue. Keep attacking as everyone waits for their heroes to recharge.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Heroes

There are 5 types of heroes included Elemental (Green), Tech (Blue), Martial (Red), Light (Gold and Dark (Violet).

Players need to make sure to recruit 5 heroes, each of a type, into their squad. A hero of a stronger type deals 30% more damage to enemies. Here is the reaction between the categories:

  • Elemental > Tech
  • Tech > Martial
  • Martial > Elemental
  • Light and Dark are both stronger than each other

Upgrade heroes with Hero EXP

When completing a campaign stage, gamers will receive rewards, including Hero EXP – a blue potion used to upgrade heroes. Players will receive EXP from their reward chests, a lot of which comes from completing quests and achievements.

Once you’ve collected enough EXP, go straight to the Hero section, tap the hero you want to upgrade, and click Upgrade in yellow. This level up operation will require Hero EXP and coins to perform. When a hero is leveled up, his stats (magic attack, physical attack, HP,…) and his strength will increase.

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Players can touch and hold the Upgrade button to level up heroes quickly. Pay attention to the amount of XP and coins used to upgrade the hero as the amount will increase with each new hero level.

Evolve Heroes to Unlock New Ultimates

A new hero has only one Ultimate or skill unlocked and has a total of 3 skills to unlock. To get a new skill, the player will have to evolve the hero.

To evolve a hero in Mobile Legends: Adventure, gamers will have to maximize that hero’s level. Initially, each hero has a level cap of 20.

When reaching level 20, the hero can be evolved using enhanced essence, coins and EXP. Enhanced Essences can be obtained from the campaign, purchased in the shop, and the babel tower. After evolving a hero, his level cap is raised from level 20-40 and at level 21 a new Ultimate can be unlocked.

Increase team power

Along with using ults and combos at the right time, the total strength of the team will determine the fate of the battle. On the screen Select Hero or With, gamers can see the total strength of their team compared to the total strength of the enemy team. Strength is represented by a fist icon.

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