Battle tips in Destiny 2 gamers need to know

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Destiny 2 is a first-person multiplayer shooter that puts the player in the role of a Guardian tasked with protecting Earth’s last safe city with the power of Light to keep humanity safe from alien races. different planets, while at the same time fighting the threat Darkness lurks.

Destiny 2 first-person shooter game
Destiny 2 first-person shooter game

With so much in-game content, weapons, gear, and powers, new players can be overwhelmed and confused at the start of Destiny 2. The game features a multitude of different mechanics, game modes, and missions. for players to discover. In this article, learn the key tips Destiny 2 gamers need to know to get off to a good start and win every match.

Battle tips in Destiny 2 gamers need to know

Complete the campaign first

Whether you are a rookie or a veteran of the Destiny series, completing the campaign is a top priority. In addition to Destiny 2’s more cinematic storytelling than the first game, the campaign builds on current Guardians and updates on current mechanics and gameplay.

Furthermore, the campaign offers enough variety in terms of how to fight the different opponents that the player may encounter in PvE. And as an added plus, Guardian can get the right starter gear for his raids.

Don’t try to shoot headshot

Fans of the FPS genre might look at Destiny 2 and think headshots are the most important thing in this action game. However, Destiny 2 offers more complex options when dealing with a variety of mobs and bosses. Enemies take more damage when the Guardian hits certain points on their body. The damage count becomes yellow when the player touches those weak points.

Furthermore, enemies, especially in PvE, have certain shields and weaknesses. . These shields come in the form of Arc (electricity), Solar (fire), Void (gravity, darkness) and Kinetic (physical). In the game’s final raids, if the weapon is used incorrectly, these shields will stop the damage by half.

Memorize the weapon’s empty position

Guardian has space for 3 weapons, with each slot corresponding to a specific weapon. For example: Primary Weapon – primary weapon (first slot) deals kinetic damage and player should stock automatic or semi-automatic weapon in this slot.

Meanwhile, Special Weapon – special weapons (second tile) that use green or energy bullets and usually special weapons like shotguns and sniper rifles. Guardian should contrast main weapon and secondary weapon. For example, a suitable primary weapon when having mid-range encounters would be a sniper rifle for long range or a shotgun for continuous damage.

Final, Heavy Weapon – heavy weapons (third cell) use purple bullets or power to deal with large AOE (Rocket Launcher) or melee (Sword) with mobs and bosses.

Understand protection classes

Players can use various environmental elements to defend themselves during gunfights, including hiding and retreating. However, classes Guardian have also allocated defensive strategies associated with their skills. Gamers who use certain classes should learn these methods carefully.

Such as, Warlock Has melee attacks that repel enemies, allowing counterattacks with a powerful spell. Meanwhile, Hunt have innate dodging skills that help avoid attacks and find better battle positions. Final, Titan There is a barrier to help overcome crowds of enemies and at the same time prevent damage.

Survive to win

Thanks to the many healing and dodging options, Destiny 2 is constantly encouraging Guardian Use cover, conserve resources, and attack wisely. Furthermore, players can use the same principles for end-game objectives.

For PvE-intensive players, focus on building to improve your survivability. Titan easily do this by dealing damage with shields, while Hunt Defeat opponents quickly or from a distance.

Meanwhile, Warlock spam AOE to finish the enemy. Likewise, in PvP, players should focus on maintaining stamina, reducing cooldowns, and controlling the situation. A strong enough enemy with a great combo will be vulnerable if they run out of ammo against a player with good defense.

Study the map carefully

Most maps in Destiny 2 include rooms and corridors with corresponding entrances. In terms of PvP, players looking to get the upper hand should keep these zone names in mind and note the safe spots in these areas and how to use this to their advantage.

For example, players who are about to enter a new level should prepare their weapons and move into a corner or to the side as quickly as possible. Most levels have locations near the entrance that can be used as hiding places.

Build Fireteam depending on the goal

Destiny 2 offers multiplayer, co-op matches with teams of different sizes. When building a Fireteam for these modes, players should adjust their gear and weapons depending on the situation. For example, while the Titan usually acts as a tank that takes shield damage, the rest of the team can alternate between DPS and support.

However, most raids are harder like Leviathan and Last Wish There will be some special mechanics that teams need to understand in order to complete. Likewise, some raids on more difficult levels will require variety in team composition, such as two Titan to increase defense, or recruit a Hunt other for more firepower.

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