Bakery development tips in Bear Bakery

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Bear Bakery is a fun management game where everyone can experience all the challenges of opening a bakery. Baking, marketing, sales, cleaning,… there’s a lot of work to be done to grow the bakery.

Players will receive help from soft and cute furry friends, dedicated to serving the best cake. In this article, let’s discover tips to help run and grow Bear Bakery effectively and flawlessly.

Bakery management game with cute animals - Bear Bakery
Bakery management game with cute animals – Bear Bakery

Understand the role of employees

The cutest part of the game that will delight everyone are the little animals that run the bakery. These hardworking animals keep the bakery running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Mr. Bear: The shop’s sole baker, plays an important role in creating delicious cakes.
  • Tweetie: A cute little bird with a marketing mission, handing out flyers advertising the bakery to attract customers.
  • Amber: Cashier takes all orders and collects money. She is a friendly little fox.
  • Raco: A raccoon takes on the responsibility of sweeping the streets and keeping the surroundings clean.
  • Snitchy: The mole takes over all the construction work in the bakery.

Make sure the store is always clean

Passersby dirtying the street will also affect the business of the bakery. Instead of watching ads to hire Raco to clean, pick up the trash yourself. People can pick up trash by clicking on it repeatedly. This way will save time, earn more money and diamonds to clean the streets in front of your bakery. Complete the quests

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Bear Bakery regularly provides different tasks that gamers should complete to collect countless useful rewards for the development of the bakery such as diamonds, gold coins, …

Character speed up

All staff work very hard and try their best to complete the task as fast as possible. But remember that they are all small animals and only use their small hands to work. So, in case you need to get things done faster, click the accelerator bar at the bottom of the screen. The player must repeatedly click the bar to complete the task in 2 to 3 seconds.

Caring about customers

At the bottom, there is a diary that records all the customers who visit the bakery. It provides information about each customer’s favorite food. Go through that book and bake custom-made gifts for extra cash. In the game, gamers can also upgrade their bread from basic to even higher. As the level of bread increases, so does the price.

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