ARK Survival Evolved: The most useful cheat compilation

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Although originally designed to be a multiplayer game, ARK: Survival Evolved still attracts many single-player gamers and cheat-related mods. This game allows you to explore vast maps and train dinosaurs and other creatures.

Although the base game can bring a lot of fun, but sometimes, people will want to use cheats to make survival in this game easier. Therefore, this article will bring you a list of cheat ARK: Survival Evolved Most useful for single player gamers. Cheat can be used on Playstation, Xbox and PC, but keep in mind that the mobile version does not have this feature.

How to enter cheats in ARK: Survival Evolved

To enter the ARK: Survival Evolved cheat, gamers need to do the following actions, based on the device they are using to play.

  • PC: Press the key Tab.
  • Xbox: Simultaneous Press LB, RB, X and Y
  • PS4: While in the pause menu, press simultaneously L1, R1knot Square and Tam sense

Then a dialog will pop up on the screen and the player needs to enter the command enblecheat for the cheats to work.

To check if cheats can be used, type settheatplayer true in the pop-up box. If cheats are enabled, this will cause a series of information to appear on the screen.

By changing this command from true wall falsethe information will disappear, but cheats can still be used.

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Summary of cheats for single player in ARK: Survival Evolved


GiveDinoSet <tier> <quantity>

GiveDinoSet is a cheat that automatically goes to your next destination. It will spawn a set of saddled dinosaurs, and the player can choose which dinosaur will spawn, as well as its specific number. The tiers of dinosaurs in ARK are as follows:

Tier Dinosaur
0 Trike, Dilo, Raptor
first Carnotaurus, Thylacoleo, Raptor
2 Rex, Spino, Therizinosaur, Paracer
3 Daeodon, Yutyrannus, Rex, Rex with Tek Saddle, Therizinosaur
Argentina Argentavis
Flyers Argentavis, Quetzal, Tapejara with Tek Saddle, Pteranodon
Extinction Snow Owl, Gacha, Managarmr, Enforcer, Velonasaur, Gasbags
Mek Three Meks
MissileMek Mek, Element, Rocketpod, MRLM
SiegeMek MSCM, Element, Mek
ShieldMek MDSM, Mek, Element

Next, once the dinosaur tier has been selected, the player just needs to enter the amount he wants. For example, if you want 5 Flyers, enter cheat GiveDinoSet Flyers 5.

GiveItem and GiveResources

GiveItem <BlueprintPath> <Quantity> <Quality> <ForceBlueprint>


If you don’t want to find an item or resource, use these 2 cheats. GiveResources will give 50 of every resource available in ARK.

GiveItem will bring up any of the items specified on the command line, meaning gamers can arm themselves with weapons or provide themselves with specific building materials if needed.

People can see an example of how to enter this cheat if they want a low quality Tek Shield: GiveItem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Shields/PrimalItemArmor_ShieldTek.PrimalItemArmor_ShieldTek'” 110

ARK has a lot of items with complex IDs, so players should visit the game’s wiki page to look up the most complete and accurate item IDs.

GiveEngrams and GiveEngramsTekOnly



Unlocking all the Engrams in the game can be very time consuming, that’s why these 2 cheats exist. GiveEngrams will unlock all Engrams, so gamers no longer have to choose which one to give themselves. It’s also great for those who want a more innovative single-player experience.

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GiveEngramsTekOnly Unlocks all Tek Engrams, so players don’t have to go up against bosses to get them.

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