Archero must-know archery tips

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Archero is an action game, archery to kill monsters, has many similarities with the roguelike genre. Players will take on the role of an archer trying to fend off the onslaught of waves of monsters.

By combining archery with other unique skills, players will upgrade and equip their archers to become more and more powerful. Building an arsenal of weapons and abilities will be key to success as you progress further into the game.

In this article, let’s learn the tips to increase the efficiency of archery to kill monsters in Archero, helping gamers overcome all challenges and deadly obstacles.

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Know the enemy

It is important for the player to know the attack of each enemy he is up against. Some enemies shoot directly in front of you, others shoot diagonally, different speeds and lots of variations. This will require gamers to take some time to learn, but it makes all the difference when diving deeper into the game.

Best initial ability to use

When leveling up, the player will get a choice of an ability. Choose one of the following skills to achieve the highest combat efficiency.

  • Ricochet: Arrow bounces between monsters, which is really good in the first place without having to fight tougher bosses.
  • Front Arrow: Fire an additional arrow in front of each boost.
  • Attack Speed: Faster attacks are always an addition worth using.
  • Blaze: Deals extra damage on landing.
  • Bloodthirst: Restores some health when killed.
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Stand still and move properly

Players need to stand still to attack, but also should not stand in one place for too long. It’s best for everyone to avoid getting shot instead of standing there and receiving a barrage of onslaught. Preserving your total health is one of the most important aspects of playing Archero. Sometimes this is not always the case, but it is a general rule.

Stand still when it’s safe

If the enemy’s attack pattern is known, the player can stand still and conduct attacks, as long as it is safe. A good example is the Tree Stumps to fight in the first area, they always shoot leaves forward, backward, left and right. So if you just stand a little bit away, the character will be safe to shoot as many arrows as possible.

Doesn’t move when aiming correctly

If you’re in a fight with multiple enemies and everyone is standing still, keep shooting at the same target until it moves, gets out of range, or dies.

This can be used strategically, if you always want to shoot at a specific enemy, then try not to move once you have the correct aim. In case you want to adjust the target, gamers will need to move and get closer to them.

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