Answers to the Halloween Bingo event in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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Cookie Run: Kingdom is an extremely addictive role-playing, kingdom-building game. Participating in the game, gamers must assemble a team of many different Cookies and fight against dangerous monsters. Each Cookie has its own abilities and backstory.

Moreover, exciting events often take place in the game, with generous rewards. And in this guide, let’s discover all the answers in the game’s latest event – Cookie Run: Kingdom Halloween Bingo.

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Answers to the event Cookie Run: Kingdom Halloween Bingo

Daily Bingo Challenges are particularly difficult challenges to complete. Every day, players will receive new stamps to fill in their bingo board. Some boards only require the player to create a simple row, but there will also be requirements to create a certain shape or find something.

Halloween Bingo Event in Cookie Run: Kingdom
Halloween Bingo Event in Cookie Run: Kingdom

However, gamers will not be able to immediately place stamps anywhere they want, because there are only 2 options available:

  • Stamp Placement: A stamp is placed on the bingo board in a random free place and spends 10 Tokens.
  • Move Stamp: The player can move the stamp on the card to the selected location and spend 5 Tokens.

So, the player will first need to place enough stamps and move them according to the task. If some of these tasks are difficult, refer to the following solution guide to not waste stamps and still complete the challenge.

Shaping the hat (Hat)

Dumbbell shaping

Complete 3 Rows (Complete Three Rows)

Candy Fork

Complete 2 Rows (Complete Two Rows)

Create a bow (Crossbow)

Shaping a mushroom (Shroomie)


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